Anytime news about a multi-purpose makeup product comes out, I jump for joy. As a busy bee who loves makeup but not necessarily the time it takes to beat a full face, I'm always looking for ways to cut corners without compromising my look. Lucky for me and other beauty fans with full schedules like me, there are products dropping left and right that promise to do more than one thing! 

From Fenty Beauty's Match Stix Matte Skinstick ($25, Sephora) to Glossier's latest Bubblewrap ($26, Glossier) which operates as a moisturizing lip and eye cream, brands clearly get that we're trying to minimize how much time and space beauty products take up in our lives. Huda Beauty is the latest brand to add multi-purpose makeup to its lineup. Interestingly enough, fans have mixed feelings about this complexion product

Huda Beauty announced its new product on Sunday via Instagram.

"Hi beauties!!! I’m so excited to share our next product launch with you," the brand wrote. "TANTOUR, an all in ONE contour and bronzer. Sculpt your face, body, or whatever you want sculpted with our foolproof contouring bronzer!! It’s SO BLENDABLE, workout proof, sweat proof, [and] water resistant! Launching May 8th." 

That release date is super soon so get those coins ready if you find this appealing!

On the official Huda Beauty website, the brand made an even stronger declaration.

"Contouring Is Dead! Tantour Is The Next Big Thing," the Huda Beauty team titled an article on its site. "I’m so happy to finally share with you guys our latest complexion product that we’ve been working on forever, Tantour! Contour can be so extreme, but bronzing can be too natural, and it’s been my dream to develop something between the two for so long."

According to the article, Huda Kattan's personal struggle with finding the right contour and bronzer shades is what led to the Tantour concept. 

"I always felt that contouring shades could be a bit too grey or muddy and bronzers tend to feel too orange," she wrote. "So, my team and I worked on combining a balance of shadow and warmth for a luminous, matte glow that’s never dull. The deeply pigmented formula can take you from a natural bronzed look to a dramatic contour as you layer and build. I love that it’s really pigmented but also blends SO easily."

"We created five shades to ensure every skin tone has a perfect match, and depending on how dramatic you want to be, you can play with different shades to get the result you want," the brand shared about the shade range. The hues are Fair (a neutral honey shade for fair to light complexions), Light (a soft caramel shade for light to medium complexions), Medium (a neutral mocha shade), Tan (a deep cocoa shade), and Rich (deep mahogany). 

Unfortunately, there is no information provided about undertones.

Say it with me: Undertones matter!

Unfortunately, the Huda Beauty article does not specify any undertones. This could present a minor problem for anyone who isn't comfortable with just ordering offline via photos. You'll have to head into your local Sephora to throw yourself a swatch party before buying. At least that provides a reason to head to your favorite shop. ; ) 

That Sephora trip just might introduce a new Huda Beauty brush into your beauty bag.

Huda Beauty is treating its fans to the new Tantour shades and a double-ended brush! "To make Tantouring super seamless, we created the Huda Beauty Sculpt & Shade Brush," the brush shared. "At one end is a very small, dense brush that’s perfect for applying Tantour exactly where you want it, and at the other end is a large, soft brush so you can easily blend it out." 

Fans are getting a multi-purpose makeup product and multi-purpose brush! Woohoo!

For anyone dying to see how the Tantour works in on an actual face, Huda Kattan already has you covered.

"Contouring my face with TANTOUR using my fingers," she wrote on Instagram. "This literally makes contouring soooo easy! I can’t wait for you guys to try this formula. It blends like a dream! It’s an all in ONE contour [and] bronzer that will leave you perfectly sculpted that goes from cream to powder." 

And there you have it!

The brand also detailed a brief two-step process to achieve the official Tantoured face.

"STEP 1: Using the smaller side of the Huda Beauty Sculpt & Shade brush, apply Tantour in dots along the contours of each side of the face: cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.

STEP 2: With the fluffy side of the brush or using a beauty sponge, blend well for an all-over healthy finish. You can build to desired intensity." 

Huda Kattan also shared her own tip in the article. "Use the brush in circular, upward motions for a flawless finish," she wrote. 

Tons of Huda Beauty fans are STOKED about this new product. 

By stoked, I mean SUPER FREAKING EXCITED and ready to buy these products like yesterday.

"Oh yasssss. CAN'T WAIT," YouTube beauty influencer, Sienna, wrote. "This brand is making huge progress in such a short time! Congratulations Huda," another shared. "OKAY OKAYYY HUDA IS THEEEE QWEENNNN," another comment reads.

Still, a few beauty critics think this product defeats the purpose of both contour and bronzer separately.

Instagram beauty news page, Makeup Crayz, thinks trying to merge bronzer and contour doesn't make much sense, as they do totally opposite things. To drive her point home, she added a clip of a Fenty Beauty makeup artist detailing the difference between contour and bronzer.

"#Beautycomunity [and] #Makeupenthusiasts, you have to get this out of your head that you can #contour with #bronzers. I agree with this @fentybeauty artist. Did we just get all lazy and didn’t want to contour anymore? Collectively did we say F it and started using bronzers? It’s not what they’re made for. They’re both two separate items."

Another fan shared similar sentiments. 

"Yes thank you, finally someone understands," one fan wrote. "Bronzer should NOT be used for contouring. The whole point of a contour is to create a shadow. Bronzer warms up the face. I get so irritated when people use the excuse of 'well makeup has no rules' because all that does is give them a cop out for being lazy and looking ridiculous."

Meanwhile, one fan confirmed that she's already been using bronzer to contour her face. 

"Not to kill the mood or anything, but I've been contouring with Hoola [Matte Bronzer] ($30, Sephora) for a long time and it looks perfectly OK," she wrote. Ultimately, it's all about what works for you! As long as you're achieving the look you want to achieve, then have at it! 

Contour. Bronze. Tantour. Do whatever you want!

Mark your calendars if you're down to Tantour with Huda Beauty!

The Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream will be available for $30 each while the Sculpt & Shade Brush will be available for $28. They'll launch online on May 8. Those who prefer to swatch them out in person will have to wait until May 17 when they finally hit stores. Fans can also jump on the official waiting list which will alert you as soon as they're available for purchase.