Say hello to the new La Gelateria Eye Shadow Palette from Eunique Beauty! 

The palette is actually part of an entire collection inspired by ice cream from Italy. "We are really excited to introduce 'LA GELATERIA,' our new summer Collection inspired by the love of ice cream from our birth country Italy. Being a Cornetto or Coppa, we love some good ice cream. Our favourite flavours: Stracciatella, Bacio, Fior Di Latte, Puffo, Coconut, Lemon, Pistachio, and sooo many more. We wanted to recreate these memories with a fun eye shadow palette and add something more... What’s your favourite flavour?" the brand wrote on Instagram. 

Peep this mouthwatering close-up of the La Gelateria eye shadow palette. 

The La Gelateria eye shadow palette is designed in the shape of a delicious-looking ice cream cone. The cone is topped with eight shades, which are all named after different gelato flavors. There's a beautiful mix of matte and shimmer shades, as expected with most palettes. Shades include Lemon Sorbet (frosty shimmery blue), Pistachio (frosty green shimmer), Mango (neon orange matte), Bacio (bronze shimmer), Fior Di Latte (frosty yellow gold shimmer), Peach Cobbler (matte peach/pink), Strawberry (matte neon pink), and Puffo (neon blue). 

This eye shadow palette is kind of lacking where transitional shades are concerned, but it's a great companion palette if you already have the proper neutrals and transition shades needed — and if you really, really adore ice cream.

Per these swatches, the La Gelateria shades are pretty pigmented. 

I'm especially digging that Pistachio shade, as it's the perfect green for summer. Other standout hues are the Strawberry and Bacio. This assortment of colors definitely just begs for you to experiment with different bold combinations. Which shades are you into? 

The best part about the La Gelateria collection is that the brand completed its collection with unexpected products. 

The palette comes with La Gelateria Messenger Bags ($35, Eunique Cosmetics)! It's available in four colors, which are pink, green, yellow, and black. Each bag is shaped like an ice cream carton with three delicious scoops. It's a supercute touch! 

Eunique Beauty also has a bundle set. 

How cute is this? Fashion and beauty collide with this ice-cream-themed set. You can snag the bag and the eye shadow palette in purchase. The brand even offers the La Gelateria Set ($63, Eunique Beauty) with whatever color bag you choose.

Lots of makeup fans are stoked for this new offering from Eunique Beauty.

"Seriously in love with the top four colors but is this in the US?" one person asked. "I need this but I also don't," another shared. Others filled up the comments sections on Instagram with loads of ice cream emojis. There were a few critics who had concerns about it being available in the UK and its pricing. 

Want the La Gelateria Eye Shadow Palette? 

photo: ABC

You have a few days until this ice cream eye shadow palette drops. The palette will be available for pre-order on July 10. Shipping begins on July 31. Be sure to scoop it up when it becomes available.