Imayla Beauty, inspired by New York City, is a beauty brand that celebrates diversity, natural beauty, and individualism. Imayla is clean, vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and non-comedogenic. Plus, it's dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested, as well as safe for sensitive skin. 

On top of all that, the products are gorgeous. The eyeshadows are blendable and pigmented, the lipsticks are creamy and bold, and the eye and brow products are formulated to enhance natural beauty. Check out some of their beautiful new products below!


The Uptowner (Pinks) 9-Pan EyeShadow Palette, $49

This gorgeous palette mixes warm- and cool-toned neutral shades with blushy pinks and rosy shimmers. The palette has matte, shimmer, and metallic shadows, perfect for creating a complete look with just one beautiful palette.

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The One Hydrating Cream Lipstick, Imayla Red, $32

Imayla's long-wearing lipsticks are creamy, nourishing, and smooth, all while providing full-coverage color. The One Hydrating Cream Lipstick comes in 20 stunning shades — bold reds, bright corals, romantic pinks, and perfect nudes.

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The Artiste (Nudes) 9-Pan EyeShadow Palette, $49

Everyone needs a perfect nude eyeshadow palette, and this Imayla beauty is truly what dreams are made of. With a mix of warm and cool browns, coppers, golds, and chocolates, you can create natural looks or go full glam.

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Unifeye Volumizing Mascara, $26

Let's be honest, we're all on the search for that perfect mascara — one that's lengthening, volumizing, and comfortable. Well, the Unifeye Volumizing Mascara promises volume, length, lift, staying power, easy removal, and more. 

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The Individualist (Purples) 9-Pan EyeShadow Palette, $49

If you're all about jewel tones, this palette is for you. The Individualist palette has the perfect mix of purples, berries, and neutrals, so you can create soft pink/purple looks or glamorous deep purple looks.

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Unifeye Liquid Liner, $18

The Unifeye Liquid Liner has a sleek felt tip liner for perfect eyeliner application. The formula is smudge-resistant and lasts all day. The liquid liner comes in two colors: black and cobalt blue.

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The Urbanite (Greys) 9-Pan EyeShadow Palette, $49

For decades, women have looked for the perfect smoky eye. With this palette, the smoky eye is easier to create than ever before. Inspired by the concrete jungle, this palette features tans, grays, midnight-toned shimmers, and a deep black.

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Brash Brow EyeBrow Mascara, $18

Nowadays, bold brows are more important than ever. This brow mascara fills the brows and coats every hair, while also locking every hair into place. The Brash Brow comes in seven different colors, ranging from blonde to black.

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