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Weird makeup trends are always out there, but sometimes you come across one that gives you true creepy-crawlies. 

A makeup artist on Instagram who goes by the name @butterflyjasmine49 uses, wait for it, real insects in her makeup looks that are equally creepy, macabre, and darkly beautiful. Jasmine clearly has major skills because most of her makeup looks are elaborate and use a very unique medium — dead bugs.

For those who aren't too squeamish, look ahead at some of the most bizarre yet stunning makeup looks that deserve a spot in the makeup hall of fame.

Everyone, I've made a very confusing discovery.

This isn't photoshopped. This is very much a real beetle in the corner of this person's eye. If this doesn't make you totally queasy, then keep scrolling. 

A makeup artist with the Instagram handle @butterflyjasmine49 has started an "insect eye art series."

Jasmine acquires bugs from scavenging or ordering deceased insects off Etsy. The nature lover uses butterflies, moths, and beetles to create these totally new makeup styles. Honestly, they look like something you'd see in a movie.  

She puts DEAD creepy-crawlies on her face.

Side note: According to the artist's FAQ, this art is created mostly from bugs she found that were already dead. None of these creatures are alive, and she didn't kill any living organisms just for makeup.

Like beetles, scorpions, and bees ...

This honeycomb style features a tiny buzzing bee almost touching her waterline. I'm not sure I would be comfortable if an insect with a stinger was that close to my eyeball. But she looks fierce, calm, and collected. 

And worms, centipedes, and spiders ...

No insect is too grubby or gross for this artist. Jasmine will use anything from fly larvae to centipedes. While her looks are totally avant-garde, they're unlike anything anyone has ever seen. 

... The list goes on.

From tiny ladybugs to giant beetles, these deserve a spot in a museum. She showed off her process on her YouTube channel and in a few tutorials on her Instagram. One shows just how delicately she has to handle the fragile creatures. 

Why is this so confusing to me? Well, on the one hand, I'm terrified.

Are those Cheeto puffs on her eyelashes or bugs? This vibrant look proves this superwoman has no fear –– and a talented hand for monochromatic looks. 

On the other hand, I'm swooning for the exquisite makeup artistry happening here.

That blending is too perfect. I almost couldn't tell that there was a creepy-crawly on her brow. The gold flecks and emerald shades are high fashion and could work on the red carpet. 

My heart is also warmed because the series is simply an expression of Jasmine's love of nature.

Many of her posts include descriptions about her choice of medium. The bugs are given the respect they deserve, and she clearly cares for them in the best way possible.

She even writes fun facts about the featured creature in her posts. It's ~educational~ makeup.

Her posts include fun facts, like, "A cockroach can live for a week without its head. Due to their open circulatory system, and the fact that they breathe through little holes in each of their body segments, they are not dependent on the mouth or head to breathe."


Who needs Glossier's boy brow when you could just place a millipede above your eye. These are the next trend in the brow game, I'm sure of it. 

But oooohhhh, pretty flowers!

Some of these creations are totally girly and cute, but she also loves to go edgy and dark. This floral and bumblebee one is definitely on the girlier side. But this silvery gray look featuring a rhinoceros beetle is definitely on the dark side. 

OK, now there's a spider near her eye — I can't deal.

Yup, this is so casual. I could TOTALLY handle a spidey near my eye. NOT!

Basically, I'm just really in my feelings about this beautiful bug art.

While it's totally cool and creepy, I'm mostly just impressed by her insane artistic abilities. Now I'm going to go even farther down the rabbit hole and watch her creations come to life on her YouTube channel.

That's all. Carry on.

Sorry if you were eating when you read this.