Alert the internet: Beloved beauty influencer Jackie Aina has collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills on a new eye shadow palette. While the colors are absolutely DIVINE, she created the palette specifically for people of color in mind. The rich, sensual tones are meant to complement brown eyes and darker tones, but it also furthers Aina's goal of making beauty more inclusive. Here are the details.

When does the Jackie Aina x Anastasia Bevery Hills palette come out?

According to ABH, the Jackie Aina palette retails for $45 and will be released on August 6 on; it will filter out to ABH's retail partners (like Sephora, Ulta, and select department stores) on August 15. Across the pond, Harrod's will exclusively carry the product until September 1, when it will be available at other retailers. But get on this palette quickly, because it's a limited-edition release!

Let's see the dang thing!

OMG, IT'S GORGEOUS. Look at that those deep, opulent colors, in a variety of shades that will pop beautifully on melanin. In signature Aina style, the shade's names celebrates the richness of the black beauty influencer experience, with names such as Edges, Big Wig, and Sponsored.

Speaking of Sponsored, Aina talked about getting the shades just right.

Aina chatted with Allure about creating the palette. She said that "the brand was telling me that green and purple are really difficult shades because they typically are not very pigmented, referring to Sponsored, a creamy moss-green duochrome shimmer, and Big Wig, a matte deep violet.

But that didn't stop her from getting those colors so right.

"I kept going back saying, 'These are OK, but we're not there yet.' There were moments where I wanted to settle because I didn't want to be difficult to work with. But this is my palette and I don't want to like it, I want to love it, and I want to confidently stand by it. I'm so glad I did," she told Allure

The palette is made by a woman of color and was made for women of color.

"Finally a palette where EYE, a melanin girl, can use ALL the shades without having to make them work or skip the ashy row," Aina wrote on Twitter. "A palette for ALL skin tones, but it was especially made for medium/deep/dark complexions."

We know you want to see more of the palette, so here's another look!

Ahead of the launch, Aina posted a promo video, in which she slays like a dragon queen in Foxy Brown–inspired hair and full-on leopard print. In the video, the palette's gold and tan colors dazzle across her eyes.

Oh, yes — she swatched the colors, too!

Aina gave us the first look at the shadow's performance on Twitter. Standouts include Supreme, a matte hot pink, Wiggalese, a deep burgundy situation, and Shookington, a bright purple duo-chrome. But from the looks of this swatch, Sponsored is going to be the color that gets everyone shelling out their dollars. She also confirmed that the swatch images are "not filtered or saturated in ANY way shape or form."