Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has a darling personality, lovely makeup skills, and the ability to serve up a bomb selfie so the highlight pops just right. There's also one more thing about Jaclyn Hill that's hard to overlook: She is the queen of making her fans wait a lifetime for nearly everything. 

Fans were waiting an exceptionally long time between her YouTube uploads for a while. Then they endured the longest pause between her original Morphe palette release and the mini palettes she dropped in 2018. Hill even took time away from social media before talking with her fans about the highly speculated divorce rumors that turned out to be true. 

All of the anticipation building is excellent or terrible depending on your opinion on the matter, how big of a Hill fan you are, and of course, how long you like to wait. To be fair, she's gone through quite a bit, particularly with her very public divorce and dealing with the anxiety and depression that she has been open about. Still, that doesn't change that being a fan of Jaclyn Hill still means you have to play the waiting game an awful lot.

One of the projects that many of her followers have hoped for the longest is the launch of her official beauty brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. Now fans have new intel leading them to believe that their wait could be coming to an end incredibly soon!

The first clue is that Jaclyn Hill filed for an extension on a "JH Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics" trademark in January.

Per the filing, she requested and was granted a third extension on January 15, 2019. The trademark basically covers every single beauty product and tool you can think of plus cleaning products. 

On March 1, she apparently filed a fresh application for another trademark for "Jaclyn Cosmetics."

The latest updates on this application are marked from March 18, 2019. That was just a few days ago!

Hill also shared a video in her Instagram Stories about an extra-special photo shoot.

She is completely GUSHING in the video. “I’m here in LA for a three-day photo shoot," she teased. "The most exciting photo shoot of my entire life, and I’ve got, like, so many amazing pictures now.”

To top it all off, Hill tweeted out a pretty strong indicator on Wednesday that she's doing something really huge.

"I’m freaking out right now," Hill wrote on Twitter. "I’ve been waiting for today for so many years, you have no idea." The tweet was complete with a crying emoji. Hmm... Now, what could have Jaclyn Hill feeling so emotional? 

Jaclyn Hill fans immediately began speculating about what exactly she could be up to that's making her so giddy. 

Fans could not resist joking about Hill possibly being pregnant. After all, that's what YouTube drama channels would LIVE for. 

Still, the majority of fans immediately began making their greatest wishes known.

"Secretly hoping it's Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics," a fan wrote with a heart emoji.

Fans have been pining for Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics for years, and many of them have not given up hope. 

"Ahhh, please let this be in reference to Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics," one fan wrote to Hill. 

Other fans of the beauty YouTube star have no idea what's going on but want her to let it be known ASAP. 

They want to know what's going on, how excited they should be, and how soon they'll have whatever it is Jaclyn Hill has coming. That is, if she has anything on the way that fans can actually have. 

Unfortunately though, many current and former Jaclyn Hill fans aren't as moved by the idea of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics actually being on the way. 

"I feel like she’s been teasing it for SO long now that I’m just kinda over it," one fan wrote. "She said it was supposed to come out in 2017 and here we are. I’ll probably still buy tho[ugh]." 

Some critics believe she took way too long and missed her wave. 

"She waited too long and really isn’t as big as she was. I wonder if this is why we are seeing more videos lately?" one critic speculated on Instagram. 

"Is this the plan? Entice us again with videos about favorites and new makeup that isn’t Morphe to get my viewers back! After this, release my collection and only talk about my collection and Morphe (every once in a while)."

Other beauty lovers think a Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics launch is a great way for her to still prove herself after the product drama with Morphe. 

"I’m still excited cause I’m curious to see what she is going to release but this time it’s on her if her products aren’t up to par. She can’t blame a company," one fan shared.

The fan is referring to the total disaster that was the launch of the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Palettes ($15, Ulta).

The palettes were ripped to shreds in product reviews by the beauty community for lacking proper pigment, having way too much fallout, and everything else you could deem wrong with an eye shadow palette. Both Jaclyn Hill and Morphe issued apologies for the poor quality. The products were recalled, re-released with an "improved" formula, and promptly dragged again by critics. 

The entire situation was a huge disappointment for Morphe, Jaclyn Hill, and her fans.

The collaboration was supposed to be Jaclyn Hill's triumphant (and long-awaited) Morphe return after the bestselling and critically acclaimed Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette ($23, Ulta) turned out to be a complete flop.

So, perhaps the fan is right: Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is the perfect way for Hill to redeem herself and give her followers quality products she believes in and that they will love.

Well, that's only if it's true that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is actually coming. After years of promises, delays, and overall terrible communication with fans about exactly what the heck is going on — maybe fans will finally be able to get back to trusting Jaclyn Hill and all will be well in the end.

You're going to have to stay tuned, per usual.