Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics isn't having the sweetest first few days on the market. The brand launched on May 31, and in just a matter of days, its customers have filled up Twitter and Instagram with complaints about everything from damaged products to shipping delays, with no updates to unexpected fees.

Fans are livid that they are having so much trouble with a brand that they've waited so many years to enjoy. It's also super unfortunate because Jaclyn Hill has opened up multiple times about how long it has taken her to get her brand out into the world. 

Check out their issues ahead and see how Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is responding to an array of complaints.

Lots of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks are arriving damaged. 

"Very disappointed. @Jaclynhill @jaclyncosmetics. Both my lipsticks came in melted/broken," one fan wrote, along with two photos of her new but broken lipsticks. Sigh. My heart hurts for her. There's nothing like the deflation you feel when you open up a makeup package to find that it's damaged. 

One fan's lipsticks arrived extra late AND broken. 

"@Jaclynhill Really sad that when I got my package in the mail today all the lipsticks are broken I’ve been waiting and waiting for their arrival," the fan tweeted to the brand. "Had to wait longer than everyone. I’m guessing bc I’m in TX. I was home when UPS dropped off. I emailed and tweeted @jaclyncosmetics." 

Fans who got damaged makeup from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics are having severe FOMO. 

"@Jaclyncosmetics I know you guys are super busy but my lipsticks all came broken in the mail," one fan wrote to the brand. "Can someone please reach out? I’ve emailed twice as well. @Jaclynhill I’m getting massive FOMO knowing everyone who got theirs works." 

One shopper has questions about the materials the lipsticks are made of after noticing "black dots" on her lipstick.

"So excited about my @jaclyncosmetics order! But, curious as to what these black dots are all over one of my colors? @Jaclynhill or @jaclyncosmetics can you let me know? Thanks!" the fan inquired. 

Some Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics customers haven't even gotten shipping details days after they've ordered.

"I ordered on the launch day which was 4 dayssssss ago and still have no shipping details...while others already have their lipsticks in hand," a fan griped. "I bought these for a review and now it won't get any views since by the time I get them they'll be old news #jaclyncosmetics @Jaclynhill."

Another customer shared that her lipsticks looked fine upon arrival, but something weird happened as soon as she tried to use them. 

"@jaclyncosmetics I just received my lip trio in Nude Moment that I have been anxiously swaying and after the first swipe they have all started to break," the fan shared on Twitter. "I realize I live in TX so it’s a longer commute but I’m pretty disappointed. Can you help me with this?" 

The disappointment is real, and Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics customers want their money back.

"@jaclyncosmetics @Jaclynhill I love and have followed you for years but I want my money back," a customer asserted. "One of my lipsticks came broken. [I] paid extra for shipping and got them after ppl who didn’t pay extra and then they smell like they’re expired and they leave a film on the lip. So sad."


Additionally, fans are calling her out for what they feel is a rip-off in international shipping prices.

"$20 for 'international shipping' to Canada PLUS the exchange rate for a total of $52 for a [lipstick] and that’s not even counting import duties?? THANK YOU, NEXT @Jaclynhill. I’ve purchased from other US brands and never got ripped off like this #areyouinsane #jaclyncosmetics."

They're pissed that one $18 lipstick turns into way more than that after paying shipping.

A few shoppers in Canada have changed their mind about purchasing since the shipping cost is so much higher than they expected.

"@Jaclynhill I love you girl but $20usd for international shipping( ) is a bit much... I’d be paying $50CAD for 1 lipstick #jaclyncosmetics," a fan wrote. 

Some international customers are upset that they can't buy Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics as they were promised.

"What shades did you get on launch day?" the brand asked its followers on Twitter. "I couldn't. Because Spain is not international or it seems to be so," a fan wrote back. 

The brand did write back and apologize for the international discrepancy. "Jaclyn didn't know that certain countries were so rigid and has her team hard at work on a solution for the few places we currently can't ship," the brand responded. "Every country is different and it's very complicated. All we can say is we are doing our absolute best to make sure everyone can order!"

The fed-up shopper wasn't trying to hear it given the history of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

"You had 5 years to figure that out," the fan fired back. "But most importantly, if isn't going to be international, don't say so when we asked before launch. I had so much hype for nothing. Now I'm so disappointed that I don't think I'm going to be buying something soon." 


Fans are also pissed about what they consider to be bad customer service.

"How do you explain their customer service response to my package not moving since the 31st? Basically telling me I’m out [of] the $$. I gave her a chance because I was hyped for nudes and she is blowing it again. Really disappointed," an angry fan vented. 

They're pissed that they ordered their lipsticks days ago, see their orders at a shipping standstill, and can't get answers from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

"Girl I’m right there with you," one fan vented to another. "A whole $319.35 I’ve emailed @jaclyncosmetics and no one... NO ONE has contacted me back it’s supposed to be here by tomorrow but considering it’s apparently never left I seriously just want my money back from @jaclyncosmetics." 


Some people have even received cancellations. 

"@Jaclynhill @jaclyncosmetics My order was placed at 12:03 p.m., minutes after it launched. I got a confirmation email. Money was taken from my account and then I receive this?? Really? Cool. #JaclynHillCosmetics," a fan wrote to the brand. 

Per the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Instagram, it does appear that the brand is trying its best to rectify many of these situations. 

"I received my order in the mail today and my lipsticks were melted. They never sat outside or had time to melt in a mailbox. That is how they were delivered to me in hand. I sent you guys a DM & emailed customer service," the customer wrote to Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics on Instagram. 

"Oh no! Customer service will get back to you soon," the brand responded. 

The brand also assured its customers that it is sifting through emails about the damaged lipsticks.

"All of my lipsticks arrived damaged. Who do I contact?!" one person wrote in the brand's Instagram comments. 
"Oh no! Please contact customer service. They are working their way through emails but they will answer you soon. help@jaclyncosmetics.com," the brand responded.

One fan shared that her lipstick broke after using it once, so the brand said that it would check out the entire batch to get to the bottom of the issue. 

"I'm extremely unhappy with my lipstick," a fan wrote in. "After one application, it literally fell off the tube. Are you freaking kidding me right now?" 

"Oh no! Let's make sure that there's nothing wrong. Could you DM us with a description of the issue and maybe some pics," the brand wrote back. "Also please take a pic of the shade label on the bottom so we can check the batch! We can of course get you a new one out ASAP if we have stock, and as soon as restocks come in if it's one of the shades we've sold out of."

There are a number of complaints from customers, and similar responses from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics on Instagram. Let's hope the brand can get all of this sorted out very, very soon.