Jaclyn Hill and her fans are having the most difficult time after the release of her nude lipstick collection. First, there were complaints about melted or broken lipsticks plus shipping concerns. Then came photos of brand-new lipsticks with hair-like fibers, strange "black dots," and gritty crumbles that made the lipstick feel like a scrub. Now things have taken a turn for the worse as fans are reporting issues with their health after using the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks. 

This situation isn't looking pretty at all. In fact, this may be the ugliest lipstick launch the beauty industry has ever seen. 

Fans are reporting that they're experiencing swelling and other complications after using her lipsticks.

"This is what happens when you try on lipstick without even looking at the lipstick," a fan shared with a photo of her lips that shows the gritty particles from the lipstick. "First lesson learned b/c now my lips are swollen & I have to be on anabiotic’s [sic] AS IF, Amazeballs & Fussy [were] broken and gritty! @jaclyncosmetics @Jaclynhill I’m so disappointed."

She confirmed in a separate tweet that she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a "bacterial infection."

The fan also tweeted Jaclyn that she's experiencing lip swelling at the worst time. 

"@Jaclyncosmetics My birthday is June 17 and now my lips are so swollen and I’m on anabiotic’s [sic] for seven days," the fan fretted. "I truly really believed in her after what everyone said about her I still supported her and bought her stuff and this is how her fans get treated."

Another Jaclyn Hill fan also noticed grittiness in her lipstick and dealt with subsequent swelling.

This is straight-up tragic.

"There is something aside from the grittiness and texture with these," the fan wrote. "My lips were swollen and had a huge reaction from testing. It's very unfortunate and I'm sorry this has happened to your products when you've been working so hard but I'd love to have your team respond."

This particular fan believes her reaction to the lipstick was due to mold, based on a pre-existing condition she has. 

"I have CIRS (survivingmold.com) so of course it was mold based," the fan asserted. "I study and teach about CIRS and worked with a renowned doctor in his clinic with patients who have CIRS. I am not out to be rude or hateful but to ensure that refunds are given, and I will tend to the FDA." 

For clarity, CIRS stands for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which is "a multi-symptom, multi-system illness" that involves loss of normal control of inflammation. It's caused by exposure to mold, typically in buildings. 

Another person noticed a bump sitting on her lip after wearing the product.

"Omfg! I just notice I have something weird like a pimple on my lips after wearing the Jaclyn Hill lipstick. I need help! Should I call 911?" the fan wrote. 

"UPDATE: I don't have insurance so I saw a doctor on Baptist care on demand, used it before. You see a doctor through a webcam. She said NOT to use the lipstick, to throw it away because it's contaminated! I have to take this medication now," she shared. 

The photo of medication she shared is Valacyclovir, which is an antiviral drug used to treat herpes virus infections like shingles, cold sores (which are a milder form of herpes), and genital herpes.

This fan also revealed her lips broke out after using the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks.

"I sent an email to customer service since @Jaclynhill said to email them if I was unhappy," she tweeted. "My lips are broken out/ a bit swollen and my lipsticks have clumps and tiny holes. They said to send them pictures for proof. I’m just not happy and it’s a safety issue." 

Here are photos of her lips.

This is beyond unfortunate. However, you can definitely see discoloration that looks like a breakout on the right corner of her lip. The left photo also shows a big red bump on the bottom of her lip. 

"Around my chin is hormonal but on my lips has been since applying the lipsticks," the fan confirmed. 

This person swatched the lipstick and experienced discomfort where the product touched her skin.

"Ended up using one then swatched it. It broke so I left the swatch on my arm idky and decided to take my makeup off also not realizing I smudge it on my neck while in the process and it’s been like this burning and itching," she wrote. The photos do show redness on her arm where she swatched, and on her neck where she explained she accidentally swiped the lipstick from her arm. 

What a nightmare this is.

Fans want Jaclyn Hill to recall her products.

"This photo is from Rawbeautykristi's video of one of Jaclyn's lipsticks that she put under the microscope. That is disgusting! I read a comment on FB that some girl needs to be on antibiotics because she got a lip infection after using these. Jaclyn needs to do a RECALL," a critic tweeted.

And they want the recall ASAP.

"Listen @Jaclynhill, if there is even a CHANCE that there is mold in these lipsticks, you OWE it to your customers to issue an immediate recall. Do the right thing instead of doubling down on this disastrous launch," another person demanded.

Sigh. This is all too much. Jaclyn Hill addressed the texture issues on her Twitter page in a seemingly apologetic manner. 

Hill's camp also issued a statement to People magazine about the issue. 

"The response to the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics has been incredible. Of the incredible volume of orders that were placed at launch, we believe less than half of one percent of orders were impacted by compromised product," the representative shared. 

"We are actively reaching out to our customers with questions and concerns and have added to our customer service team to make sure that any questions are swiftly addressed. We are keeping an eye on the Jaclyn Cosmetics social channels and info@jaclyncosmetics.com, and welcome all feedback. We love our customers and are proud of our successful launch."

Now that health concerns have come into play, let's hope Hill addresses these very serious concerns as soon as possible.