Jaclyn Hill fans have been in a serious state of limbo since the influencer deactivated her social media accounts and her official makeup website went down following the lipstick backlash. Now it appears that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is making an effort to save itself by finally publishing its safety test results. Hill had already stressed that her lipsticks — although admittedly poorly made — were not "hazardous in any way" in her original apology video on her YouTube channel. 

Hill also assured her fans that she launched a full investigation to get to the bottom of exactly what went wrong at the lab that derailed her entire So Rich lipstick collection launch. Finally, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has published its safety test results to its website. 

The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics website is technically still down, but the brand did update its FAQs page to address the lipstick issues. 

The website maintains that the lipsticks are indeed safe to use even if they weren't mixed properly. "After a thorough investigation and extensive third-party testing, several labs and safety assessors have confirmed that while a fraction of our lipsticks did not meet our brand standards of quality, they are in full compliance with FDA regulation and safe to use," the website asserts. 

Is this enough to ease the concerns of people who bought and used the lipsticks? It certainly may not be enough to readjust the brand's reputation. Only time will tell.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics also published the results of its "safety tests" in a 15-page-long PDF file. 

The PDF includes a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice which is dated April 19, 2017. There is also a more recent Cosmetic Product Safety Report dated May 2019. That report confirmed that there are no concerns about skin/mucous membrane irritancy, microbiological safety, packaging safety issues, and more.

“The evaluation of the information available on the ingredients, their chemical structures, and the product does not indicate any significant risk to users... The ingredients have a long-standing history for use in these product types, and there is a history of safe use in products containing the same/similar ingredients," the document reads.

The lipsticks were also tested specifically for "microbiological contamination."

The lipsticks were tested for seven samples including E.coli, yeast, mold, and salmonella. All tests came back negative. "Review of the above referenced microbiological test reports show that these products do not have any microbiological contamination," the document explained. The documents are dated June 26, 2019.

Fans are having mixed reactions to these results. 

Some fans believe the documents do not address every issue that fans raised. 

"Issue is we already know mold isn’t the major issue, it’s the raw ingredients; hair and metal. This only covers the mold allegations, and we already knew it was negative according to @kennawhitnell lab test," one fan wrote.

To be fair, it was important for Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics to conduct its own testing and publish results that dispelled the mold rumors whether other people had negative lab results or not. So many people wanted the brand to take responsibility and not allow social media to do all of the cleanup work. Well, here it is. Do with it what you will.

A lot of people are questioning the testing dates provided in the PDF documents.

"The first five reports are from May & have nothing to do with the so-called testing she had done in June," one critic wrote. "Supposedly she sent the products to be tested around mid-June. Those results should not be back yet, or at the very least not with those dates." 

What say you about these dates? 

The lab results from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics seem to be raising more questions than they're answering.

"What’s not known is how many lipsticks were tested. We’re all 20 shades tested? Was it merely one of each color or various pulls of all 20?" a person questioned. "Or was it just the more commonly reported lipsticks like 'As If'? These reports show nothing of relevant importance. Most looks older."


No matter what the lab results say, lots of critics are just over the entire bizarre situation.

"And that lab... Oof... don't even get me started on that... Production does come from the facility... But a company manufacturing products with this breach in sanitation & them chooses to blame/ minimize consumer response, spin an absurd story, then DISAPPEAR?... Screw the refund," another critic shared. 

Ouch. At this point, the opinions are out from people on social media who tested the lipsticks. The official results from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics are now available to the public on its website. It's time to just make a decision about whether or not you plan to support the brand going forward and let that be that. All of the speculation surrounding Hill's brand and her personal life should stop. Let's all make our buying decisions as consumers and move on.