Jaclyn Hill has been drowning in a wave of customer complaints and damage control since the launch of her So Rich Lipstick Collection. After fans noticed strange hairs, dents, bubbles, and other questionable details concerning their new lipsticks, the influencer took to Twitter to address their concerns. She also released an official statement via People magazine. 

Despite her attempt to clean everything up, things only got messier after fans began reporting that they experienced swelling, breakouts, and more after using her Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks. Fans have had enough and they're taking measures into their own hands now that health issues have come up.

Jaclyn Hill fans started a petition to demand that she recall her lipsticks ASAP. 

"Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics recently launched and there have been huge issues with the product. When fans packages first started arriving they noticed there were many problems. The problems ranged from a simply melted and expired lipstick, to finding hair, fungus, and sharp pieces plastic in the product," the statement on the petition reads. 

"Jaclyn Hill is claiming that the hair is from lab workers using fuzzy gloves but there is video proof proving otherwise. Jaclyn cosmetics is a health hazard and needs to be recalled before people start getting sick. After countless complaints and a compiled number of photographic evidence, it is safe to say the chances of receiving a 'normal' Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics So Rich Lipstick is incredibly slim. Action needs to be taken before someone is harmed by the unknown substance affecting the products. Since the company had yet to put out a statement recalling the product it is only right that we as consumers request that further investigation be done to ensure the safety of the product going forward."

The petition now has thousands of signatures.

Sigh. A petition is A LOT. It's the ultimate proof that Jaclyn Hill fans are truly fed up. They are also very concerned that more people could get seriously sick from using the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks. The petition goal is 7,500, and there are already 6,544 signatures at the time of publication. 

The reasons that fans provided for signing the petition against Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics are very telling. 

"I'm signing because I'm currently sick from using her lipstick. She needs to take responsibility and remove these," a person wrote. 

"This is disgusting and nasty to sell [a] bad product for $18 plus tax & shipping," another person shared. "'Working on a new batch' doesn’t cut it with me. This is identical if not the same way counterfeit makeup is made and is very dangerous."

Fans seem perturbed by how the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics brand is handling the situation.

"I am signing this because this isn’t just some petty drama over a makeup launch," a fan asserted. "This is a legitimate health concern and seeing Jaclyn and her team act as if their launch was successful and this isn’t a huge issue is extremely worrisome. This should be taken seriously and the lipsticks should be recalled!"

The fan seems to be referring to the statement the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics team provided to People magazine. "The response to the launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics has been incredible. Of the incredible volume of orders that were placed at launch, we believe less than half of one percent of orders were impacted by compromised product," the brand shared with the magazine.

Her (former?) die-hard fans are pissed that the brand is moving on with business as usual and reposting the positive reviews. 

"Not to mention, no recall was put out. She didn’t take the lipsticks down from the site," one person explained. "I have been following/supporting her since she filmed with a lamp by a fridge, I have her collabs, etc... The silence is deafening. Yet on IG stories they’re still sharing 'positive reviews.'"

People who recently considered themselves "loyal" fans are swearing off Hill and her brand.

"Another day... more silence," one ex-fan shared. "I feel like I’ve supported @Jaclynhill through good and bad. When others came for you, I was STILL loyal and a devoted follower. I’m done, I’ve been patient. You’ve made us all look like [clown emoji]."

More fans are still coming forward with photos of their lipsticks as they discover defects.

They're more hurt by what they feel is an inadequate response from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

"After a few uses, I discovered beads in one of my @Jaclynhill lipsticks," a customer tweeted with a photo. "I don’t have the best angle, but idk if you can see it... I will still support her brand bc I know she doesn’t want this, but I am super disappointed in her lack of response regarding all of this." 

Even her beauty influencer peers have come forward, in dismay, about the product quality. 

Patrick Starrr shared a few shots of the lipsticks he received in a Jaclyn Hill PR package. Like the dozens of product photos before it, tiny hairs and holes in the lipsticks are clearly displayed. "OMG," Patrick Starrr captioned one photo of a lipstick with tiny holes in it. It's important to note that former makeup artists like Patrick Starrr and influencers like Rawbeautykristi are taken aback by this as these are people who know makeup and use it more frequently than the average person. Their reactions alone are an indication that this isn't normal for lipsticks.

Like Jaclyn Hill's fans, drama YouTuber Rich Lux feels like Hill owes them a better, more honest explanation. He urged her to do more to thoroughly address the situation.

"It’s all eyeshadow and powders until it became a public health issue. What are the plastic balls in the makeup? What are the hair fibers? So many issues," he tweeted. "Jaclyn please make a video the beauty community needs answers. We put you in power don’t do us like that. This is so sad."

"If Jaclyn Hill does not make a video response to the contaminated lipsticks, I feel that the beauty community will unsubscribe. What makes this drama interesting is that beauty gurus are coming out making videos holding Jaclyn Hill accountable," he wrote in a separate tweet.

With the health scares, the petition, and her peers holding her accountable, we can likely expect a response from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics very soon.

The response may come in the form of a video as Lux and other fans have demanded. It may come in the form of a recall. To be honest, it sounds like Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics needs to have the proper professionals test the lipsticks and publish the results. At this stage in this trash fire of a launch, honesty and transparency will be key if she wants even a small chance at recovering her brand's reputation.