Apparently, Charles' physical resemblance to Lipa has been the subject of discussion for some time.

As the video opens, Charles explains that rumors of his resemblance to Lipa have not been greatly exaggerated. "I've avoided this topic completely, but I've gotten thousands of comments, there have been news articles written about it, there have been countless tweets that go ridiculously viral ... all asking, 'James, are you Dua Lipa?'"

Charles acknowledges that although he has never been seen in the same room as Lipa, they are not the same person. Well, that settles that, everyone!


Charles begins by using face tape.

Charles lets us in on a behind-the-scenes secret: face tape. For the uninitiated, face tape is used in movies and TV sets; they hold up parts of the face to achieve a cosmetic facelift without the surgery. 

Charles starts his transformation by lifting his temples to get Lipa's signature snatched brows. The face tape is pretty ingenious — there's tape at one end, which is used to pull the skin, and they clip behind the head to keep everything in place. He lets out a squeal when he sees the dramatic results.


Next, Charles gets into the base face.

Charles starts by using a dark orange color corrector on his skin, in order to conceal his facial hair growth. Next, he applies a layer of Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation, since he notes that Lipa tends to go for a medium-coverage foundation that isn't quite as heavy on the contouring.

He then puts on a "little bit" of Tarte Shape Tape Concealer under his eyes — but a "little bit" for Charles is still way more concealer than most of us would use.


Stop everything: He's not going to contour his nose!

The horror! Charles explains that Lipa doesn't really contour her nose, whereas Charles centers his makeup style around a tiny nose contoured into the heavens. He also calls his nose "bulbous," which, well, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.


Next comes the eye makeup.

Charles is most excited to capture Lipa's brightly-colored eye makeup. He decides to go with a green look to match his top and grabs his palette, the Morphe x James Charles Palette. If you've never seen it before, look how huge it is in the video.


Look how good the eye shadow came out!

Using colors from a few other palettes, including the ABH Norvina Vol. 3 Palette and the Morphe Pride Palette, Charles was able to get the most glorious neon green eye makeup look, and he even threw on natural-looking false lashes, since Lipa keeps hers pretty natural.


Aaaand here's the finished result!

WHOA. OK. Are you screaming? I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. Once Charles put on the wig, it was like Lipa appeared before our very eyes. The resemblance is uncanny. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight after watching this video, but makeup is just this powerful. Charles could pretend to be Lipa on the street, and at first glance, no one would be any wiser.