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James Charles has been accused of doing lots of things since he made it big, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone accuse him of gender discrimination by practicing "woman face." A post on Reddit compared this made-up concept to blackface, claiming men wearing makeup is a way to make fun of women. 

I though 2019 might finally be the year we all strive to get a little more woke and a little less stupid, but here we are. People still don't seem to like men wearing makeup, unless it's for entertainment and comedic effect instead of genuine self-expression. But for many people, Charles included, makeup is an art form that's gender inclusive. Get it together, y'all.

In a tweet that's since gone viral on Reddit, an uninformed troll accused James Charles of discriminating against women by simply wearing makeup. She called it "woman face."

Beauty guru and influencer James Charles was been accused of "woman face." That's supposedly when a cisgender man makes himself look more feminine as a form of discrimination, according to this Reddit thread

The Twitter user in question goes so far as to compare men wearing makeup to white people wearing blackface. 

The Reddit thread begins with a screenshot of Charles wearing makeup. The troll's caption reads, "if black face is racist, what's woman face? When are we "sisters" going to start shaming ppl for gender appropriation?" 

Uh, excuse me?

Let's talk about why gender appropriation just isn't real. First off, that comparison to blackface is uncalled for. 

Blackface has a deep-rooted history in this country. It was used as a way to entertainment white people by depicting black people as worthless. Men wearing makeup in 2019 doesn't have that same weight. Of course, people are discriminated against for breaking social norms, and that is a serious issue on its own, but wearing makeup isn't equivalent to being a woman.

Secondly, makeup isn't just for women — it's just been marketed toward them.

Makeup and skin care are traditionally marketed toward women, but to say that a man is "appropriating" someone's gender just by using those products is basically saying that makeup is only for women. That's just not true. Think of all the young girls who learn about makeup firsthand by playing with it. Are they "appropriating" womanhood because they aren't old enough to be women? 

Saying this is "gender appropriation" is like saying tomboys are discriminating against men. 

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See how that sounds? It doesn't make sense, right? Tomboys can still identify as women. Their clothes don't change their gender. Just like men, boys, and masculine people can wear makeup without it changing their gender. 

This whole idea is pretty transphobic.

This whole cisgender binary thing just isn't cute. Transgender people exist, and to say that only men should look one way and women should look another erases the entire existence of a group of people who are fighting to feel represented. 

Trans women have every right to wear makeup as cisgender women do, as do people who are nonbinary or genderfluid.

Makeup can be seen as an art form by any person of any gender.

Not everyone uses makeup in a traditional way. Plenty of people use makeup as a form of art. Charles said he uses makeup as a "creative outlet" in this interview with POPSUGAR.

Makeup doesn't belong to any one culture. 

Men and women have worn makeup throughout history and throughout cultures for various reasons. Think of all those movies about ancient Egypt you've seen. That's not just for the big screen. Both men and women wore makeup back then

Men are allowed to have insecurities, too.

Just because the media doesn't shame men to hate themselves like it does women doesn't mean they are void of insecurity. Whether they want to put on concealer, foundation, or whatever, it's their prerogative.

Some of the top professionals and artists in the makeup industry are men. 

Chances are, most of the makeup your wear was created by a man — a man who wears makeup. Ever heard of Wayne Goss? Kevin Aucoin? Marc Jacobs? Mario Dedivanovic? The list goes on and on and on, sweetie.

Men have roles in just about every single corner of the beauty industry, in fact.

Toyko Stylez has been laying wigs for all your favorite celebrities for years now. His client list includes Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj.

You don't see many complaints about men in makeup when it's for comedy ir entertainment purposes, do you? Hmmm ...

There are some people who aren't happy about men in drag, but shows like RuPaul's Drag Race show that tons of people are willing to watch men in makeup for their own entertainment.

Are you really that bored that you're trying to tell other people what to do with their own bodies?

Last I checked, there's no such thing as the makeup police. If men or boys want to wear makeup, how does that even harm you?

If preserving "womanhood" is your goal, you've got far worse things to worry about than beauty boys.

If you care about men wearing makeup, that's your business. But in our current political climate, women's rights that have nothing to do Charles or makeup are in severe danger. How about you start with reproductive rights?

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