James Charles went through one of the most infamous scandals this year, but he's made a comeback. Now it seems he has a significantly lesser dramatic one. 

Celebrities are often called out for their overuse of Photoshop, and now Charles is the latest to do so. Charles has been called out before for his use of editing software. Some think that he uses Photoshop to make his makeup looks more impressive. 

Body-positive celebrities and influencers often call out brands for excessively Photoshopping images, but it seems like Charles is more than proud of his latest campaign that looks so unnatural. 

OK, so the idea was that James Charles look like a tiny elf standing next to his mini palette. 

Charles' latest campaign with Morphe is to promote his mini eye shadow palette, and they edited the makeup artist to look like a tiny elf. While that artistic choice is totally fine, it's his overedited face and waist that has critics talking. "SISTER ON A SHELF... one of my favorite photos EVEERRRRR hahahaha happy holidays babes!!" the artist tweeted. 

But the original photos look so different from the final image. 

In behind-the-scenes photos, Charles showed off his more natural look in the Christmas getup. One person replied, "Are we getting these photos too?" The beauty YouTuber clearly edited his already snatched waist to look so tiny in the photo shoot. 

His waist already looked snatched! Why edit it so intensely? 

James Charles is already so gorgeous, and definitely doesn't need to edit his photos to look so unnatural. Even though the campaign was meant to be a fantasy, his photos could have reflected his natural figure. Many fans liked the photos regardless of the editing. 

But some people were not about the Photoshopped look. 

Many people on Reddit and Twitter called out the influencer for his overuse of Photoshop in these images. "The amount of Photoshop makes me cry," one critic replied to Morphe's post about the collaboration. Especially when looking at the original photos before the editing, it's clear that his waist was totally taken in. 

One person got so sarcastic with the shade. 

James Charles has been called out for Photoshop before, which is why one person threw some shade in the comments. "Dude I love how he went for an all natural look … Literally he would never Photoshop," they wrote. Clearly, the overedited photo is not meant to look natural at all, so this comment was even more sarcastic than the others.