James Charles just announced that he will embark on his first ever Sister Tour across America! If you're a fan, this means you get to see him and all his bubbly, makeup-loving antics live in the flesh. Per his announcement, this tour will feature lots of different activities and, of course, plenty of merch. Unfortunately, fans are a bit appalled by the price of his VIP tickets. They're especially concerned about the age range of his fanbase and what it may say about him that he's charging such prices for supposed children to meet their favorite beauty influencer.

But are these beauty fans simply overreacting? We gathered the full tea on the ticket prices so you can be the judge!

Sister Charles is kicking off the tour this summer, and tickets go on sale in just a few days.

"SEE YOU SISTERS THIS SUMMER," Charles wrote on Instagram. "I am so excited to announce my FIRST EVER US TOUR! I am coming to 24 cities all across America for an interactive show of makeup, music, games, tea, and of course, selfies! Check out http://sisters-tour.com for all information. Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY 4/26 AT 10 a.m. PST!"

After browsing the different ticket websites for the Sisters Tour, fans seemed shocked by the VIP ticket prices.

A regular VIP pass is $100, which comes with preferred seating, an exclusive tour laminate hand-signed by Charles, and early access to James Charles merchandise vendors. A VIP Plus ticket is $250 and will allow fans to actually meet Charles and take a photo with him. It also comes with a premium VIP goodie bag, an exclusive autographed tour laminate, guaranteed front-of-the-audience seats behind SISTERS VIPs, and early access to merchandise vendors. 

The most expensive VIP package is $500, which includes an exclusive hangout session with Charles and other Sisters VIPs, a one-on-one photo with him, an exclusive SISTERS VIP goodie bag, an exclusive autographed tour laminate, guaranteed front-of-the-audience seats, and early access to merchandise vendors.

Some fans believe he isn't considering his young followers' finances with those VIP prices.

"Is James Charles aware of the fact that the majority of his fan base is 11- [to] 15-year-old kids that have no income for $250 [and] $500 tickets??" one person asked.

They think he's taking advantage of how gullible his fanbase can be due to their ages.

"The way James Charles is charging $500 for a VIP ticket knowing full well that the majority of his fans aren't going to be able to afford it on their own, but that his young, impressionable fans will still be whipped enough to break their bank accounts just for a hangout w him," a critic tweeted with a sick emoji face.

They're calling the price range for his VIP tickets pure "extortion."

"James Charles has the audacity to charge $250 [to] $500 for VIP tickets. which you know his 10- [to] 15-year-old fans can’t afford on their own. Kinda gross [in my opinion]. Sister extortion," one critic wrote.

Some people are even going so far as to stop supporting James Charles altogether.

"I don't know how people still support James Charles after his tour prices/ticket bundle prices have come out," a critic shared. 

Still, there are some James Charles fans who plan to grab the tickets without hesitation.

"My niece and I are so shook you are coming to Dallas, [Texas] July 19th," one fan wrote directly to Charles. "We definitely will be getting VIP TICKETS."

This is another fan's financial dilemma concerning seeing her fave on tour.

"Really shouldn’t spend $250 on VIP Plus tickets to meet @jamescharles but I might do it anyways," someone wrote. "My only issue is that my 5-year-old is like, really upset I’m not taking him but I don’t have $500 lol."

This James Charles lover is just glad the tickets go up for sale at the right time.

"The James Charles tour tickets start selling the day after payday which is truly a blessing. Thank you sister," the fan wrote.

*drops down to my knees and prays for Beyoncé to do the same thing when her next concert tickets hit the web*

Some fans think they can attend this Sisters Tour if they find, er, someone else to give them the funds.

"I need a sugar daddy ASAP," one fan joked. "I would literally DIE if I somehow made it to LA to meet James Charles. Ya girl needs the ultimate Sisters VIP ticket, ughhh. Why can’t he come to Oregon?!"

Fans are going back and forth with each other about whether or not the VIP tickets are actually worth the money.

"To put things into perspective, some concert tickets are well over $250 for literal nosebleed seats," one person rationalized. "You can meet AND take photos with @jamescharles for that price. Girl count me IN."

Another critic replied, questioning why seeing James Charles should be compared with a concert.

"Concert tickets are also for [MUSICIANS] with TALENT who put on a performance," the person retorted. "Not a kid in makeup posing for pix. 'Influencers' going on tour is the biggest scam of all time."


To be fair, some fans are just going to have to realize they don't HAVE to pay the expensive VIP ticket prices to meet James Charles.

Charles will have affordable tickets available, even if they aren't the specific ones you want. The Sisters Tour tickets for his Charlotte, NC, appearance will be as low as $53, give or take tax, insurance, and additional venue fees. Since he's appearing in seated venues, the prices will range from $53 to $500 for the best VIP pass, and you can just pick whichever seat works for you. You don't have to meet James Charles. If you want to go, you can pay the price you're comfortable with and enjoy the event in its entirety, as opposed to gunning for that one-on-one time. 

Spending $500 on a VIP pass or any money at all on Charles is up to YOU. As a public figure appearing at an event, it's actually his right to charge whatever he chooses. He determines his own value. We don't get to determine that for him despite what this celebrity-driven society tells us. We can only decide whether or not it's what we want to pay. 

If you're planning to get a Sisters Tour ticket and have a sisterly good time with Sister James Charles, then mark your calendar and set an alarm.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 26, at 10 a.m. PST, which is 1 p.m. EST. You may want to have your link ready to go when the time comes, in case the ones in your price bracket move quickly. Enjoy your sisterly bonding time with the Head Sister in Charge!