If the beauty community has learned nothing about Jeffree Star in the years that he's been famous, it's that he's full of makeup, chess moves, and huge surprises. No matter what drama and scandals unfold, Star always manages to come out with a perfectly laid wig and more makeup than his fans can handle. 

Occasionally, he does something that has the entire beauty community pulling out teacups and ready for the spillage. His latest stunt involves him reconnecting with a former enemy for a drama-free reveal of his controversial Magic Star Concealer.

After a robbery and black market scandal hit his brand hard, Jeffree Star has finally revealed his concealers and setting powders to fans.

Of course, his loyal fans are all over this long-awaited reveal. Showing off his concealers is a triumphant moment for Star who was twice a victim of a major robbery worth over $2 million in makeup. He also recently discovered that some of his expired makeup was stolen from his garbage pile and sold at several Burlington stores.

With all of the drama surrounding his beauty business seemingly being handled carefully, fans seemed happy to see Star revealing his new concealers the way he wants to.

Although people couldn't wait for the official concealer reveal, they were also surprised to see the person he selected to be in his campaign.

Well, will you LEWK at that! Gabriel Zamora is serving major face and glowing in the Magic Star Concealer campaign for Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

This major reunion comes after a huge falling out among their beauty influencer squad.

So much happened behind the scenes that the public will probably never know what the exact root was of the beauty influencer feud. In short, the beauty influencer squad that Jeffree Star fronted turned on him in a firestorm of vague yet shady tweets, likes, and unfollows.

Gabriel Zamora and Jeffree Star seemed to have fallen out in 2017 when Star went on his infamous unfollowing spree.

Star mentioned that he planned to cut people out of his life. Although he never mentioned names, fans quickly discovered that he had unfollowed Gabriel Zamora and Nikita Dragun. 

In the same year, Star publicly fell out with his longtime best friends Manny MUA and Laura Lee. 

No one understood this falling out either because the drama obviously unfurled offline and then spilled over onto the internet. What's for sure is that there were lots of tweets about fake friends, a drama about birthday tweets or the lack thereof, and so much more that it will make your head hurt if you care too much. 

The bottom line is this trio scrapped and wrapped.

Then there was the infamous "screw you" picture that was taken as direct shade toward Jeffree Star. 

As you know, this photo led to all of these influencers promptly being exposed for their own problematic pasts, as they tried to do to Jeffree Star. Moral of the story? Refrain from throwing rocks when the whole neighborhood is full of glass houses. 

After everything hit the fan, Zamora directed multiple apologies toward Jeffree Star.

"I'm sorry @JeffreeStar," Zamora tweeted. "Trust me, it's been an eye-opening 24 hours." That 24 hours included Zamora discovering that Manny MUA began suspiciously liking tweets about needing to basically separate from the entire squad when they were all supposed to be a united front against Jeffree Star. 

Zamora also delivered a lengthy apology to Star in the video.

"I'm sorry just for everything. Not just for the tweets. Not just for the photo. Just for it all," he said. "Just for allowing myself to create an image of someone based on what others were telling me. And it's not fair because I wouldn't want that for me. So I wanna go on camera and say that I am truly sorry to you, Jeffree. What I did wasn't intended to be bullying, but I know now that it came across like that. And I totally respect that and I'm sorry for that." 

Fast forward to 2019: Jeffree Star and Gabriel Zamora have made up and are also doing business together. 

Clearly, Star accepted Zamora's apology. Zamora joined Star for his official concealer reveal on Star's YouTube channel. Zamora was also hired to be one of the models for the official concealer campaign shoot. 

Fans can hardly believe this public peace fest going on between the two. 

"Gabriel Zamora and Jeffree Star in the same video," one fan commented on Twitter. The tweet is accompanied by a GIF of two women with surprised facial expressions.

Some people are confused about when this peace treaty happened. 

"I have questions on why Gabriel Zamora is in the video. I haven’t seen the video? Is it explained in the video?" one fan asked. 

To clarify, Jeffree Star and Gabriel Zamora do not explain how or why they came to make up and do beauty business together. They simply popped up like, "Hi! How are ya? CONCEALER, anyone?" They also aren't obligated to explain anything to anyone, of course.

People immediately wondered what Manny MUA thinks of all this.

"The fact that Gabriel Zamora is in Jeffree Stars new video..... GAGGGG OF THE CENTURY!!! Someone check on Manny because girl," one fan wrote on Twitter. 

They think Manny MUA must be upset about this union.

"I bet Manny is absolutely seething about Gabriel being in Jeffree’s reveal video," one fan wrote. But maybe not? 

Manny MUA did ultimately apologize and admit that the entire feud was his fault. Why would anyone who knows that they caused negativity and appeared to be sorry for it be upset when they see the people involved being friendly? 

Also, per Manny MUA's Twitter, he's just minding his business and peddling his own new beauty release.

The packaging looks ca-uuuuute. Cheers to everyone minding the business that pays them, moving on from friendships peaceably if they can't be salvaged, and repairing the ones that can be fixed. Peace, positivity, and makeup!