Jeffree Star was one of the first beauty bloggers to expose the shockingly stingy amount of product in Kim Kardashian's creme contour kits.

Star twisted Kim's contour stick all the way up and gave fans the real tea on what .32 ounces of product actually looks like. And honestly, thanks for looking out, Jeffree, because das expensive. 

But KKW Beauty is soldiering on with the release of its second product, powder contour kits.

kim kardashian powder contour swatch
photo: Snapchat/KimKardashian

Kardashian has been teasing fans for days about the palettes. She finally gave us a good look at what's inside today — the reality star swatched all three kits in light, medium, and dark/deep dark on Snapchat. 

From highlighters...

kkw beauty powder highlighter
photo: Snapchat/KimKardashian

... to matte contour shades, the swatches were blowing up every beauty lover's social media alerts.

kkw beauty matte contour
photo: Snapchat/KimKardashian

Once again, Starr wasted no time sharing his opinion. "Umm... Kim what is going on with those new swatches?? ???? Looks like chalk ????" he tweeted.


The reaction to Star's tweet showed that he was not alone.

Kardashian's swatches aren't convincing some buyers that this is a must-have.

kim kardashian powder contour swatch
photo: Snapchat/KimKardashian

But Starr isn't about to cast them aside without a full review!

Applying the products with a brush on a finished face could give a completely different result, so giving Kardashian the benefit of the doubt for now makes total sense.

Will KKW powder contour be Jeffree Star approved? We'll just have to wait.

Put your tea kettles on, kids.