Kim Kardashian's first product from KKW Beauty, the infamous contour kits, sold out in mere minutes on Wednesday. They're about to start arriving on doorsteps, and Kim's fans couldn't be more stoked.

But naturally, beauty influencers got their hands on them first — and what they're finding is really pissing people off.

In his video review, Jeffree Star unabashedly raved about the KKW Beauty light contour kit.

He even gave it the highly coveted Jeffree Star Stamp of Approval.

But Star's viewers were just not buying it. The comment section flooded with complaints about the product's plastic packaging and small size.

In fact, there was so much negative feedback, Star had to take to Snapchat to defend his positive review — but he did apologize for not discussing the total amount of product.

"I will fully admit, I did not check how much product was in here," he said. "But I am reviewing something, and I know that you guys care so that was definitely my mistake. So let me see how much is in here."

So he twisted one of his barely used sticks all the way up, and it was severely disappointing.

jeffree star kim contour
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat


jeffree star kim k contour
photo: Jeffree Star/Snapchat

According to the packaging shown on Kim's Snapchat earlier, each side of the stick has .032 ounces of product.

That's a total of .064 ounces per stick. 

For comparison, NYX sells a contour and highlight Wonder Stick with .28 ounces of product for $11.99, and Catrice sells a $7.99 Prime & Fine contour stick with .11 ounces of product. 

The NYX stick has QUADRUPLE the amount of product compared to one of Kim's sticks. The Catrice stick has almost double. 

The contour sticks are so small, one of them broke right off when swatched by Jackie Aina.

Needless to say, fans are pissed...

... especially the ones who already bought a contour kit for themselves.

But the vloggers are still defending their opinions that the product itself is great, despite the packaging.

Jeffree's comment reads: "HEY EVERYONE... Every time I review Kylie or Kim K products, everyone gets so vicious. IT'S MAKEUP and these are MY THOUGHTS. Some of you don't like the packaging... THAT'S OK. But I actually do like the nude minimal look. I'm a liar because I like something?? THAT'S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS lol I can like whatever I like. IF this wasn't Kim's product, I wouldn't be getting all the angry people mad that I like a nude stick. It's not that serious. We all have different experiences and that's ok."

But now the internet's convinced that Kim's price point is not worth it.

$48 should get you a hell of a lot more product than that.

photo: Giphy

Kim, why's it gotta be like this?

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