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The contour sticks are so small, one of them broke right off when swatched by Jackie Aina.

Needless to say, fans are pissed...

... especially the ones who already bought a contour kit for themselves.

But the vloggers are still defending their opinions that the product itself is great, despite the packaging.

Jeffree's comment reads: "HEY EVERYONE... Every time I review Kylie or Kim K products, everyone gets so vicious. IT'S MAKEUP and these are MY THOUGHTS. Some of you don't like the packaging... THAT'S OK. But I actually do like the nude minimal look. I'm a liar because I like something?? THAT'S NOT HOW LIFE WORKS lol I can like whatever I like. IF this wasn't Kim's product, I wouldn't be getting all the angry people mad that I like a nude stick. It's not that serious. We all have different experiences and that's ok."

But now the internet's convinced that Kim's price point is not worth it.

$48 should get you a hell of a lot more product than that.

photo: Giphy

Kim, why's it gotta be like this?

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