Beauty influencer Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy, and this time, his own namesake beauty brand is in the crosshairs. Fans are reporting that some of his lipsticks in his mystery boxes are arriving covered in "sweat," hair, and generally seem "off." It's a very, uh, sticky situation for Star and other beauty brands, following the high-profile disaster that was Jaclyn Hill's lipstick line — and customers are understandably on edge about defective products.

Customers complained that lipsticks were arriving with "sweat."

Twitter user @ConnorKrystyn posted images of her lipstick tube, alleging that the product arrived covered in "sweat" and containing a hair. "...The lipstick that I received in my Jeffree Star Mystery Box did have moisture spots (normal in hot weather) and hair," she wrote.

It's happening to a lot of customers.

On social media, several Jeffree Star customers shared images with one another of the lipstick tubes in various states of sweatitude. One user even said that they let their lipstick "settle" for two hours, and it still looked icky.

The complaints keep rolling in.

"I really do love you so much @JeffreeStar but, like, what am I supposed to say about this? What's up with the #mysterybox lip ammos? I am so sad," wrote Twitter user @KnopeSara, who also included a video of her lipstick's oddly tinted oil slick.

Another customer said she found "plastic" in her lipstick.

"Anyone else get a shard of glass/hard plastic in their @JeffreeStar mystery box lipsticks too? Is this the new Jaclyn [Hill] collab?" asked Twitter user @linley80526995. In her photos, a speck of material is visible in her tube of sparkly dark lipstick.

The lipsticks are part of Star's mystery boxes.

The lipsticks in question are part of Star's sold-out mystery boxes that were released in July 2019. The mystery boxes included an exclusive liquid lipstick, though, to be clear, most allegations of turned products were tube lipstick formulas.

Jeffree Star's customer service says that the sweating was due to the heat.

Customers living in the United States have experienced record heat waves this summer — and that may be to blame for sweaty J* lippies. One customer received the following reply from Jeffree Star's customer service, explaining that the sweat was a result of seed oil separating from the formula after "being exposed to high temperatures in a short time frame."

Jeffree Star has not responded to the accusations.

We've reached out to Star for his comment on the lipstick tubes, and will update this story if we receive a reply. Star has not responded to other beauty outlets and has not commented on the situation on any of his social media.