Messy, illegal things are happening in the beauty community once again. Another day, another stolen makeup case, it seems. Yes, it involves Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Yes, again. And yes, the authorities may be getting involved. AGAIN.

This time, the stolen makeup issue went down on the Poshmark resale website and the story is so messy and complicated that at this point, shouldn't we all just decide to swear off resold makeup? It seems no matter how Jeffree Star has tried to take the reins of his concealer and setting powder release, something new happens to mess with the plans. 

OK, shall we dive?

It all started with the discovery that this famous influencer's page was selling an entire Jeffree Star Cosmetics PR package on Poshmark.

“I don’t have C5 Bc it was stolen. Currently selling extremely fast. I have all the shades. 100% authentic & cute packaging," the product description reads on what appears to be influencer Bethany Mota's page. 

"Ships same day. Absolutely amazing formula and the best concealer I’ve ever tried! What shade would you like? Never taken out of box. Sources straight from the manufacturer. I only have one quantity of each shade so get yours before they’re gone. Jeffree is a friend of mine and I’m a beauty blogger so these were sourced with integrity. Accepting offers. These weren’t stolen.”

The account was also selling the unreleased Jeffree Star Cosmetics setting powders.

"Please please please look at this reply there is a Poshmark user selling your sh**," a person wrote in a tweet and screenshot directed at Star. 

Le sigh. Since Jeffree Star never mentioned that his setting powders were stolen during the original robbery, we can only assume that these were sent out in a PR package as well. These resellers wasted absolutely no time.

Both posts have since been removed from the Poshmark page.

Trendmood alleged that the Jeffree Star concealers and settings powders were actually from her PR package, which was stolen from her.

"This PR package was supposed to be sent to me by @JeffreeStar," Trendmood wrote on Twitter about this latest fiasco. "These people have been stealing my identity [and] other influencers identity [and] selling our stolen PR products/boxes on Poshmark. Brands beware!"

There are also several more issues with Jeffree Star's concealers being available for resale on Poshmark.

While it's not illegal to sell your makeup on Poshmark, it's problematic for a bunch of reasons. These products are scheduled for an April 19 launch so the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand has not even had a chance to sell its own products yet. Additionally, Poshmark does not regulate the cleanliness or storage requirements for resold makeup on its site. It's also an illegal sale since Trendmood alleged that this makeup was actually stolen from her.

Let's also note that it goes against moral code in the beauty community to sell PR packages. They are meant to be free gifts from brands to influencers or journalists in hopes that they would try the product and share information about it with their readers and/or followers. To sell a gift you've been given (especially when you haven't even promoted the product yet, as expected) is tacky. 

Jeffree Star retweeted Trendmood's post and commented on the situation.

"This is fucking crazy!! I’d love a night off lol," he wrote to Trendmood. At this point, this stolen makeup business is probably making Jeffree Star's head spin just as much as it is ours. To have a brand that is in high demand is a positive thing, but it also obviously comes with a lot of trouble. How many investigations can Jeffree Star have his team set up? 

Although Trendmood called out people for stealing makeup and the identities of beauty influencers, people are still confused about whether or not the Bethany Mota account is real.

A popular beauty drama blogger, Ashlye Kyle, posted and later deleted this tweet alleging that Jeffree Star confirmed that the PR package once available on Poshmark was meant for Trendmood but stolen by influencer Bethany Mota.  

“Update: @JeffreeStar has confirmed that was @Trendmood PR package and it was stolen by @BetahnyMota," Kyle wrote. "Wow. You’re a thief and liar. Disgusting. I won’t go into details… yet. But ewww. F****** hate a thief.” 

Kyle removed that accusatory tweet and clarified that there is still no concrete evidence about who the actual person behind this Bethany Mota account really is.

"I deleted my initial tweet based on my confusion of it being @BethanyMota. At this time, there is still confusion. So I’ll wait for further clarification and I won’t go into what I was told as it’s not my place. It’ll come out eventually," she confirmed. 

Nevertheless, Poshmark is on the hunt to find out who is actually behind the account and the stolen PR kit.

"Hey there, we definitely do not support the sale of stolen goods on our platform," Poshmark wrote to Trendmood. "Our team is looking into this account. Please reach out to us directly at so we can investigate further. Thanks!" 

Exactly how this PR kit that was meant for one influencer ended up in the hands of another influencer is still a mystery.

PR boxes are typically sent to an influencer's home or a PO box that they own. How would another influencer intercept that? And WHY would they intercept that? It's actually a federal crime to open up another person's mail. To steal their items on top of that is another crime. You can get actual factual jail time and be charged a hefty fine. 

Let's hope that Poshmark, Jeffree Star, and Trendmood can get this all squared away. 

At this point, things have gotten unbelievably ridiculous. People are getting way too creative with how they illegally obtain Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. It's not that serious? His makeup drops three days from this post's publication date. He's also the giveaway king. You could also just save up and buy the new makeup the legit way, like back in the good old days.