For makeup hoarders, one of the worst feelings is when you wait weeks for a new product to drop, only to have it sell out before you even had a chance to type in your credit card info. I'm a makeup and vinyl record hoarder, so I deeply understand this pain and offer my deepest sympathies to anyone who couldn't get their hands on the new Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson Conspiracy eye shadow palette

Yes, by all accounts, trying to purchase the Conspiracy palette was tantamount to Beyoncé tickets: unavailable but coveted by every human on the planet. Shopify, the brand's merchant platform, crashed as a flood of traffic overwhelmed servers. Many fans couldn't get the payment systems to load, while others had to deal with spinning wheels as their product sat preciously in their carts. In the end, hapless fans were left behind, posting hilarious reactions on social media. Sometimes you have to laugh in order not to cry.

Fans, Jeffree Star feels your pain. 

"The @shanedawson x #jeffreestarcosmetics collection is officially SOLD OUT! Our site and the back end platform called @shopify (which hosts our store) had the most extreme traffic and took hours to process orders and finally, now it’s working back to normal!" Star wrote on Instagram. Is it me, or does "extreme traffic" kind of sound like a humblebrag couched in a non-apology?

This fan is sad for herself and J*/Dawson.

After a 14-hour shift, Twitter user @shanesrobexo posted a sobbing selfie because she, too, was unable to buy the Conspiracy palette. But even though she was nursing her own broken heart, she was just as bummed for Star and Dawson, who "deserved to have a perfect launch day."

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

Twitter user @gemin_hi had the most relatable reaction to the site crash: pure jealousy. Sure, you're not supposed to covet thy neighbor's goods, but when those goods are Conspiracy palettes, the big man upstairs is totally going to make an exception.

Hey, a consolation prize isn't all bad!

Sometimes it helps to see the palette half-full instead of half-used. Twitter user @brithejynx was stoked that she was able to get the smaller Controversy palette, even though she missed out on the bigger Conspiracy palette.

Stay away from this fan!

All is fair in love and war. Twitter user @shanesrobexo is getting straight to the point with her tweet, indicating that she is going to be seriously displeased about not getting her own Conspiracy palette, and may just take the law into her own hands.

No matter your feelings on Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, or the Conspiracy palette  ...

...  we can all agree that scalpers are not awesome. It's one thing to have a vibrant secondhand market, it's another when so many people couldn't get the product in the first place because the website crashed. A bummer for this fan, to say the very least.

Now this tweet will break your heart.

Twitter user @Ki26541506, I don't know you, but my heart goes out to you. Something about this tweet got through my beauty editor cynicism, and I felt your pain as though it was my own. 

Yes, there's a lot going on here, so let's break it down.

This tweet wins the award for the most complicated Conspiracy palette situation. User @Whos_Cait felt so bad for her coworker who couldn't get a palette, that she gave it to her instead. If that's not beauty camaraderie, I don't know what is. Still, it wasn't totally selfless: @Whos_Cait is trying to rack up those karma points. We see you ;)

And if all else fails, get a Conspiracy palette for your Sims.

"Can we talk about how your pallet [sic] is on sims," wrote Twitter user @cristel_patrici, along with these images of the palettes on top of a Sims dresser. If you can't get your own Conspiracy palette, at least let your Sims enjoy the bright eye makeup.

While Revelist cannot confirm the authenticity of these images, I nonetheless remain amazed at the internet's creativity.