jerrod blandino lifestyle

Jerrod Blandino, noted luxurybitch.

photo: Jerrod Blandino

Beauty brand founders LOVE their luxurious lifestyles. From Kat Von D's OTT goth queen life to Jeffree Star's million-dollar labelwhore steez, making makeup for a living can pay off — big time.

But nobody — and I mean NOBODY — lives larger than Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino. I did the research and the math, and it's astonishing. Here's EXACTLY how much it costs to live like Jerrod.

Custom Gucci suit: At least $5,600

jerrod blandino gucci
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Gucci loves a pink suit — and so does Jerrod. Based on retail estimates, this would cost nearly $6k.

Custom luggage: $3,850

jerrod blandino Louis vuitton
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Monograms on monograms: that's how JB rolls.

Gucci jacket collection: AT LEAST $29,000

jerrod blandino gucci
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Jerrod has a pretty major Gucci jacket collection: I counted at least seven different styles, and then I had to stop scrolling Instagram. Assuming an average price of $4,500 per jacket, with one sequin-encrusted one at $6,500, that's nearly $30K.

YSL denim jacket: $3,500

jerrod blandino lifestyle
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Jesus, take the wheel.

Jerrod's Dream House: $20,000,000+

jerrod blandino house
photo: Jerrod Blandino

If there's one thing I motherfucking LOVE DOING, it's research. That's how I've found out ALL of the details on Jerrod's totally insane Dream House.

Jerrod and his husband are building this mansion from scratch on the California coast — but first they had to get rid of the house that was already there. This article detailed the borderline-crazy demolition process: first they knocked down the existing home, and then Jerrod had a buttload of huge boulders removed from the site. Getting rid of the rocks alone cost a minimum of $100,000.

That article ALSO gave me information about Blandino's proposed mansion: it's on the coast of Corona Del Mar, it's 13,000 (!) square feet with a separate guesthouse, and a subterranean garage. A similarly-sized existing house in the same neighbourhood is currently listed for TWENTY MILLION GODDAMNED DOLLARS.

Damn. That Estee money, tho.

NYC condo: $3,600,000

jerrod blandino nyc
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Because who has just one home, right? Jerrod and his husband put their NYC home up for sale in 2016 for a cool $3.6 million.

Interior design: $1,500,000

jerrod blandino design
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Jerrod has a VERY specific aesthetic; to create that in his home, he turns to interior designer Mary McDonald. His Dream House in California is being designed head to toe by her, and it looks like his NYC condo and offices have also been decorated by her. Only working with a few clients a year, it's rumoured that Mary can charge up to $500,000 for one single home.

Jerrod has had her decorate three.

Skin care: $8,309+

jerrod blandino skincare
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Hold on, children. Let's break this down. I'm just going to total up the skin care here, not the hair and makeup products.

La Mer Eye Concentrate: $200
Rodin Olio Lusso: $170
111Skin serum: $400
MDNA cleanser: about $48 (only available in Japan)
MDNA serum: about $226 (only available in Japan)
Drunk Elephant TLC night serum: $200
Gloss Moderne masque: $65

Jerrod has previously stated that he used to see famous dermatologist Dr. Brandt (RIP) who charged $7,000 for a routine visit.

Grand total: $8,309

Private jets: $440,000

jerrod blandino
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Since January 2016, Jerrod has posted photos of five separate private plane trips. At least one was international. Assuming a CONSERVATIVE base rate of $40,000 per domestic trip and $100,000 per international trip, this is $440,000 spent on private travel alone in 2016 — and it's only May.

Cars: $250,000+

jerrod blandino bentley
photo: Jerrod Blandino

OK, so we know that the Blandino Dream House will have an underground garage — so this Bentley is likely one of many. I THINK this is a 2016 Bentley Continental GT, retail price: $250,000

Cartier panther brooch: $165,000

jerrod blandino cartier panther
photo: Jerrod Blandino

Estimate based on conservative auction prices of similar pieces from Christies and Sotheby's. FML, I am in the wrong business.


Twenty. Six. Million. Dollars. Damn, it's good to be Too Faced.