Jordyn Woods may be living the glamorous life with modeling gigs, an upcoming size-inclusive clothing line, and an uber-famous bestie Kylie Jenner — but she keeps it surprisingly chill when it comes to her beauty routine. 

Her makeup and skin care regimen proves that money and jet-setting aside, Jordyn really is as down-to-earth as she seems on her new reality show, "Life of Kylie."

Jordyn's glow is key to her entire look, but her skin care routine is incredibly simple: Shea butter is EVERYTHING.

shea butter
photo: Sephora

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“Yes, I’m Black, and yes, I get ashy,” she said during her Refinery 29 interview. “Shea butter is key!”

For clarity, people who are not Black get ashy as well, but I get where Jordyn was going with her statement. Shea butter is everything.

Jordyn didn't specify what brand she uses, but I recommend any formula that is made of 100 percent shea butter, instead of it simply being listed as a primary ingredient. Shea butter is great to rub on your entire body, scalp included. It also spreads well so you don't have to use a lot.

I have a container of organic L'Occitane shea butter ($39, Sephora) that has lasted me for three months and I use it regularly.

Next up is brows because to Jordyn, brows are LIFE.

eyebrow pencil
photo: Sephora

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Per an in-depth investigation of Jordyn's Refinery 29 photo spread, she fills in her brows with the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil ($21, Sephora) — according to Coveteur, ABH is her "favorite." As for the shade, the educated guess in the Revelist offices is that she uses the dark brown shade.

In case you didn't know, we also adore Brow Wiz and can totally see why Jordyn has made it a staple in her makeup bag.

Once her brows are darker and fuller, Jordyn cleans them up with concealer.

nars concealer
photo: Sephora

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She shared that she uses the NARS creamy concealer ($30, Sephora) to clean up her brows. This concealer is the gold standard — NOBODY does it better than NARS.

To give her face a little more glow, she uses a Tom Ford bronzer.

Tom ford bronzer
photo: Sephora

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OK, so maybe she did get a little glam with this product — the Tom Ford Ultimate Bronzer ($11, Sephora) isn't cheap. But can you really put a price on that glow? And that classic Tom Ford packaging, tho!

Next, she applies brown mascara — but only to her lower lashes, because her top lashes have extensions.

dior mascara
photo: Sephora

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Once again, I gave Jordyn's makeup bag a serious stare-down to make out which brown mascara she uses in the Dior lash line-up. From the looks of it, she's got the CLASSIC: Diorshow Iconic mascara ($29.50, Sephora).

Jordyn also keeps that Kylighter on kall because: DUH.

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Playing wifey-best-friend to one of the most successful young faces in the makeup game certainly means you'll have some of her products in your collection. 

Although Jordyn didn't specify which highlighter she keeps in her bag, my money is on Kylie's salted caramel color ($22, Kylie Cosmetics).

Jordyn was obsessed with salted caramel when Kylie Jenner did her makeup on Snapchat.

"Look at this glow, bitch!" Jordan said. 

'Nuff said.

And last but not least, Jordyn sprays on vanilla body spray from Victoria's Secret to wrap up her routine.

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Yep, she took it back to high school years and I'm not mad at all. Jordyn uses either the Vanilla Lace scent ($7, Amazon) or the Wild Vanilla fragrance mist ($6, Amazon). 

Either way, both of these babies are under $10. Just the way my grade school (and, face it, adult) pockets like it.