Juvia's Place is the indie brand with the bright, bold eye shadow palettes that the entire beauty community has fallen in love with. 

If you ask any group of beauty lovers about the best palettes to use with bomb color payoff at great price? Juvia's Place *will* be name-dropped, without question. 

But now that the brand has mastered the art of heart-stopping eye shadow — it's planning to serve up something sweet for our lips.

The brand teased four new matte liquid lipsticks — the very FIRST ever from Juvia's Place!

Yes! It seems your Juvia's Place eye shadow obsession is spreading out into lipsticks. 

From the looks of these swatches, Juvia's is venturing away from the nude lip trend we've seen from other brands and getting into warmer pinks, corals, and reds.

But if you're worried about the brand letting up on its eye shadow game, then have no fear. A brand new eye shadow palette was also teased in the *same* Instagram story. Behold your new baby: the Douce palette!

This baby seems to be all about the cool tones with the perfect mix of shimmers, mattes, brights, and neutrals. 

No word on prices yet — but based on how Juvia's Place usually rolls, it's going to be as affordable as it is beautiful. 

Are you into this shit or are you INTO THIS SHIT!?

Take my money now Juvia's Place! Just take it ALL!

photo: Giphy

Check out Juvia's Place on Instagram and head over to the website for more information — and sneak peeks — at upcoming launches.