In the era of beauty blogger and nostalgic cinema makeup collaborations, it was only a matter of time until the trend expanded into the unusual. That time is now. 

Earlier this month, Korean Beauty brand TonyMoly decided to combine two much-adored, yet totally unrelated things to form the strangest collaboration yet: makeup and spicy ramen. "Through this unusual collaboration with Spicy Buldak Chicken Ramen, we are excited to launch special and entertaining products," a TonyMoly official told The Korean Herald. And thus, TonyMoly x Samyang (the spicy noodle company) was born.

The collection includes foundation, blush, lip tint, and lip balm, and yes, it's as adorably quirky as you'd expect.

The Hot Coverdak Cushion is a cushion-compact foundation that comes packaged in a ramen noodle container. There's even a sauce packet included, which serves as a refill for your foundation!

The collection also features the Noodle Blusher, which comes in a bright scarlet, dubbed "Bad Red," and a pale pink, dubbed "Carbolighter."

And last, but not least, there's a Lip Care Stick and Lip Sauce Tint, which come in Spicy Red and Cheese Red.

There's no word yet on whether or not the products are actually spicy. Your guess is as good as mine.

The packaging is definitely on point. Judging by the display, you'd probably have no idea these were even beauty products. 

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What a bizarre surprise.

While TonyMoly products are usually sold exclusively in Korea, Reddit detectives found the TonyMoly x Samyang collection on Beauty Box Korea, a website that ships to the U.S. 

 Here's how us hungry American beauty fanatics can get our hands on it.

Hot Edition Noodle Blusher in Bad Red ($7, Beauty Box Korea)

Hot Edition Noodle Blusher in Carbolighter ($7, Beauty Box Korea)

Hot Edition Coverdak Cushion ($12, Beauty Box Korea)

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Available in vanilla and beige.

Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint in Spicy Red ($8, Beauty Box Korea)

Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint in Cheese Red ($8, Beauty Box Korea)

I don't know how I feel about putting "hot" or "spicy" anything on my face, but hey, more power to you if you do!