kat von d lipstick
photo: Kat Von D

If there's one thing we know in this world to be true, it's that Kat Von D loves to tease upcoming product launches — even if she's low-key not very good at it.

And if there's something *else* we know to be true, it's that her fans take those product teases and run with them. So that's why when Von D took to Instagram to hint at an all new lipstick color, nobody was surprised when conspiracy theories immediately began flying.

The picture in question, submitted for your approval. That orange on the left is, supposedly, SOMETHING BRAND NEW.

"We wonder what shade [Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick] used on the left side..." Kat's brand captioned the photo, which is like catnip (unintentional pun) for Von D's mystery-loving fans.

So because I love you, I've chased down three of the wildest Kat Von D lipstick ~conspiracy theories~ in an effort to discover the truth — and I *DO* know the truth.

photo: Giphy

Can you handle it?

Theory #1: It's the new formulation of Kat's cult-classic orange shade, A-Go-Go.

kat von d a go go
photo: Kat Von D / Instagram

Kat made waves this morning when she announced that her brand was reformulating and relaunching her ENTIRE Studded Kiss lipstick line. Fans quickly theorized that the sneak peek posted to the brand's Instagram page was the NEW version of A-Go-Go — a shade that Kat has been seen out and about in quite a lot lately.

But I think that's pretty unlikely. A-Go-Go is one of KVD Beauty's cult classic shades — and there's been no indication that the Studded Kiss revamp would affect the colors at all.

kat von d a go go
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

The entire Studded Kiss line is only $12 per lipstick right now — but even still, A-Go-Go is a great seller. It would be very unusual for an established brand to change the color of a bestseller, but keep the name.

Comparing the shades, this theory is just too far a reach. Unless the new Studded Kiss formula comes with a totally revamped color scheme, this isn't a match.

kat von d orange lipstick
photo: Kat Von D

Womp womp.

Theory #2: It's Hilda, the upcoming charity lipstick shade designed to raise money for Farm Sanctuary.

kat von d hilda
photo: Kat Von D

Both the shades are definitely warm and spicy fall-esque lip colors. And this limited edition lipstick is set to launch on November 1, so the timeline adds up.

But I still don't think the teased shade is Hilda — and here's why.

When compared, the colors just don't match up. Hilda, on the left, is a muted teraracotta — while this mystery shade is far more of a pumpkin orange.

kat von d hilda
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Verdict? Close, Kat stans, but no cigar. I don't think this new shade is Hilda.

Theory #3: It's Orale, one of the brand new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

orale lipstick kat von d
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

At the end of 2016, Kat gave us all a gift in the form of 24 upcoming new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick colors. Though many of these have already popped off to Sephora, we're still waiting to get our lust-filled little hands on many of the shades — including Orale, described as a "bright orange."

Comparing the colors, I don't *think* the teased shade is Orale... but this theory did get me looking in the right direction.

orale kat von d
photo: Kat Von D

Orale is far too bright a color; the mystery shade is a muted pumpkin.

Know what else is described as a muted pumpkin?


It looks a LOT like the as-yet unreleased Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shade Sacred Heart.

kat von d sacred heart
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

"But wait," I hear you say. "Those lipsticks don't look ANYTHING alike."

You're right! We can see that Kelseyanna's lip swatch of the mystery color has an additional blue-green tint to the image, clearly correcting for excessively warm lighting. We can tell this because Kat's skin in the Sacred Heart shot is VERY pink — pinker than anyone's skin really is.

Once you control for lighting conditions in both photos, the color similarities are clear. The mystery lipstick on the right *IS* Sacred Heart.

kat von d sacred heart
photo: Kat Von D Beauty


When you'll be able to get your hands on this truly excellent new color — nobody knows.

Hopefully it's just in time for Halloween... but Kat does love her surprises, so only time will tell.