kat von d 2008
photo: Getty Images

Kat Von D launched her namesake cosmetics brand in 2008 and OH MY GOD that was more than 10 whole years ago! The world has changed in unimaginable ways since then, and the same can be said for Kat Von D Beauty.

When we think of the brand's products of yesteryear, we still picture the same stunning, hand-drawn packaging we have today, but that was definitely not the case at first. Take a look at what Kat's most beloved products looked like just after they launched.

Painted Love Lipstick then:

Kat von d painted love
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Kat's original cream lipstick formula came in her most controversial shades: Underage Red, which is still available to this day, and Celebutard, which was quickly pulled from shelves.

Studded Kiss Lipstick now:

kat von d studded kiss
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

KVD Beauty rolled out its iconic studded lipstick cases a few years ago and never looked back. It is, however, continuing to improve its vegan formula.

Tattoo Concealer then:

kat von d tattoo concealer
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

The brand's first-ever concealer came in a squeezable tube without an applicator and was created specifically to cover tattoos. In fact, when it launched, Kat used it to cover her entire body.

Lock-It Concealer Creme now:

kat von d concealer
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Kat would later change all her complexion product names to create one Lock-It collection — its concealer had three packaging changes before the brand landed on this one.

Saint and Sinner fragrances then:

kat von d perfumes
photo: Kat Von D Beaty

Kat's obsession with the saint and sinner dichotomy dates way back to the beginning of Kat Von D Beauty, when she launched her first-ever fragrances, Saint and Sinner.

Saint and Sinner fragrances now:

kat von d perfume
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

The original Saint and Sinner fragrances were discontinued a few years into KVD Beauty's run, but they made a triumphant return in 2017 with an entirely new design, hand drawn by Kat herself, of course.

Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Mist then:

kat von d lock n load
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Much like Kat's concealer, her setting spray also underwent a name change for the Lock-It complexion line. It was originally called Lock 'N Load and had the same matte-black packaging with silver rose accents as the rest of Kat's products at the time.

Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist now:

kat von d setting spray
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

The Lock-It setting mist, along with the rest of the collection, got a packaging makeover about two years ago.

Kat Von D True Romance Palette then:

kat von d true romance
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Way back in the day, Kat Von D didn't release limited-edition palettes as she's know to now. Rather, she had an entire permanent collection of True Romance eye shadow palettes, all in the same packaging but with different color schemes. The one pictured above was called Poetica, but she had plenty of others such as Saint, Sinner, Ludwig, True Love, and Gypsy to name a few. 

Instead of coming with a brush like most other palettes, hers came with a smudgy pencil eyeliner.

Saint + Sinner Palette now:

kat von d saint sinner palette
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

If there's one product for which KVD Beauty has upped its packaging game more than any, it's eye shadow palettes. Kat quickly ditched her generic tin palettes from 2008 and quickly traded them for elaborate and creative packaging ideas like Saint + Sinner, her biggest palette of all time, which launched in late 2017.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick then:

kat von d lipstick
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

For a very short period of time, Kat's bestselling liquid lipstick came in shorter, thicker packaging that didn't have much detail — it's almost a little jarring to look at.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick now:

kat von d liquid lipstick
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Thankfully, Kat very quickly updated to the packaging we know and love today — it hasn't changed even slightly in years.

Autograph Liquid Eyeliner then:

kat vond autograph liner
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

It's hard to picture life before Kat Von D Beauty's Tattoo Liner, but it happened. The brand's first liquid eyeliner, Autograph, came in a variety of weird colors live mauve and olive green.

Tattoo Liner now:

kat von d beauty tattoo liner
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D changed the eyeliner world with her felt tip Tattoo Liner — it hasn't changed a bit since its release, but Kat is currently developing a new formula for it.

Lighting Lipgloss:

kat von d lip gloss
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

YES, Kat Von D, for a short period of time, made lip gloss. It clearly didn't last long, as most of us don't remember it. Even Kat wasn't a huge fan — she said in a recent Sephora Q&A that she'll never make another lip gloss because she just doesn't like to wear it.

High Voltage Nail Lacquer:

Nail polish was Kat Von D's other one-hit wonder: It came out when the brand launched and didn't last long after that. Kat did a collaboration with Formula X in 2015 but hasn't delved back into nail polish since.