kat von d super brow
photo: Kat Von D

Leave it to Kat Von D to surprise makeup-lovers in every damn way possible.

Into the middle of an otherwise boring Thursday, Kat has thrown a beauty bombshell — she just revealed her super-secret new brow pomade, and believe me when I say that it is NOTHING like you expected.

HERE IT IS, PEOPLE: Your first official look at Super Brow, Kat Von D's upcoming brow pomade. And it is *so* red!

"I mean, come on!" wrote Kat. "This scarlet red shade is making me wanna dye my hair just to match my brows to it."

And. I. Mean. SAME.

BUT THE SNEAK PEEKS DIDN'T STOP — there's a literal *rainbow* of brow pomades coming to KVD! "Are you guys ready for THE BEST bullet-proof longwear eyebrow product of all time?! And in every mixable shade to match your hair?!"

Super Brow looks like it will be available in 16 colors, which — as Kat said in the caption — are designed to be mixed together to create custom brow colors.

This is genius. This is epic. This is everything that every rainbow-haired queen has even dreamed of, and *then* some.

Honestly, just based on the shades seen above, Super Brow — which will launch along with vegan brow brushes, naturally — will have something for everyone. I'm personally delighted to see not just flat black pomade, but brown-black, cool soft black, AND cool warm black. Plus, that violet? I could SLAY neon purple eyebrows, I don't even care.

But that's not all. There are two OTHER brow products launching alongside Super Brow this spring... and we FINALLY know more about them.

kat von d brows
photo: instagram.com/thekatvond

Per Kat, Signature Brow will be a precision pencil. Totally fair; ever brand needs a super fine-tipped brow pencil for those detailed lewks.

The REALLY exciting thing — which I can hardly type about because I'm so stoked — is the new KVD Beauty Brow Struck. According to Kat, this will be a powder (!) in a variety of colors (!!) THAT IS IRIDESCENT.

Kat literally wants to give us unicorn brows, and I could not be more thrilled.

Every shade of Super Brow — as well as the yet-undisclosed Signature Brow and Brow Struck lines — will be released in spring 2018. Actual footage of my emotions rn:

photo: Giphy

Kat, thank you for blessing us with non-basic brows — and another totally killer product launch — yet again.