They say life imitates art, but what happens when your love wears your art? 

Kat Von D is figuring that out right now. The 35-year-old tattoo artist turned makeup mogul recently realized that her paramour, fellow artist Leafar Seyer, also makes one heck of a makeup model.

"Trying to take a nice product shot of this Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick, and realized my boyfriend's nails are waaaay better than mine," Von D wrote on Instagram. 

Very nice, Seyer! We'll take the name of your manicurist now, please. (Also: I spy acrylics!) 

Duh — the obvious next step is to put the lipstick on your man. 

Von D raved over his "perfect lip shape" and we have to agree. 

The pair have been Instagram official for a few weeks and they're clearly head over heels. 

In the past, Von D has dated celebrities like Steve-O of "Jackass" fame, music producer Joel Zimmerman (aka deadmau5), and Jesse James (Sandra Bullock's ex).

Mexican-born Sayer is a former gang member who co-started the band Prayers and refers to himself as "cholo goth." 

He's obviously smitten with Von D — there are pics of her all over his Instagram

I just can't help but wonder... 

...what these two makeup-loving goths have planned for Valentine's Day.  

I'm jealous already. 

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