photo: Courtesy of Kesha Rose Beauty

Kesha has announced Kesha Rose Beauty, and wow. You crazy kids, I cannot WAIT. As a decade-long Kesha fan, I am excited for any chance to support her, but also excited because she's an artist that gives her all in her creative pursuits. And yes, her party girl aesthetic is totally artistically creative, OK? 

She dropped the teaser for the collection, and we've got the deets on the Kesha Rose Beauty release date, prices, and collection pieces. You are excused if you feel the sudden need to smear glitter all over your face.

The first look at Kesha Rose Beauty comes from this adorable teaser.

Kesha is my absolute number-one dream party gal partner, and after this video, my dream makeup buddy. "Animals! I have some very, very, VERY exciting news," she begins. "I have been working on an extra-special makeup line just for us." Kesha waves around a bright orange box that is presumably full of rainbow glitter magic, like she is wearing on her eyes in the video.

As a note, I adore Kesha, but she is wearing a bindi in this video, which is not so awesome. *rolls eyes*

She explains how beauty is a form of self-expression and how we all deserve to be our weirdest selves.

"I think beauty is all about what's inside your soul," Kesha says, and I feel that in my soul. "I'm just an aura in a skin suit, but I do like to decorate it. And that's what this makeup is about. When you get my makeup, I just want you to play and have fun." She also bites the edges of the orange box, because rawr, she's a party girl, and as she would say, "We r who we r." UGH, I love her so much!

Also, next time I update my LinkedIn profile, my job title will totally be "aura in a skin suit."

Details of the collection are slim, but here's what we do know.

Kesha Rose Beauty will be released in partnership with Hip Dot, which made the SpongeBob SquarePants eye shadow palette that everyone (myself included) flipped our bikinis for. The pieces will range in price from $26 for lipstick and lip gloss, to $120 for the full collection.

There's something glittery for everyone.

The Kesha Rose Beauty collection includes the following:

•FTW Eyeshadow Palette, which will retail for $36 and contain 12 colors. It's described as "celestial-inspired" and comes packaged in a round container with a silk tassel bow. Talk about fancy.

•Whatever Wherever Wands, which will retail for $28. These are two double-ended liquid eyeliner pens, so you get four colors with both pieces.

•Lipstick and Lip Gloss Duo, which will retail for $26. Raisin' Hell is a red lipstick, and That B*tch is a lip gloss in "pH balanced color-changing formula that tints your lips pink depending on your skin." Kesha is wearing the red lipstick on the teaser video.


If you really want to party at a rich dude's house, here's why you should consider splurging on the $120 full Kesha Rose Beauty collection: it comes in that beautiful orange box from the teaser video with a note from Kesha herself. Yes, Kesha animals, you are totally allowed to frame the note and put it up on your vision board.

A $90 full kit collection is also available, but won't come in the fancy box or contain a note from Kesha.

And now, for the release date, tik tok tik tok...

...Kesha Rose Beauty drops on December 3, and yes, that is SO SOON. It will be available exclusively on, with more details, product swatches, and official imagery to come. This is one makeup launch that you won't want to miss — after all, Kesha loves a good party, but no one loves FOMO.