photo: Instagram/kesharosebeauty/Kesha Rose Beauty

We are so, so close to the impending release of Kesha Rose Beauty, people! Trust us, we know it's seemed like forever since the Kesha Rose Beauty line was announced in November 2019, but now we have swatches, so we know it's really coming. And naturally, the swatches are as extra as you would imagine — glitter, bright primary colors, neons, everything a party kid could desire in eye shadows and lipstick. So let's get this party started and dig through these swatches.

Here is the FTW Eye Shadow Palette, and yes, it is PERFECT.

photo: Courtesy of the brand

OK, where was this palette when I was putting together my eye shadow collection? This tightly edited collection of colors features every shade needed to make the coolest Euphoria-inspired makeup looks, from safety barrel orange to bright fuchsia to a slimy chartreuse. Plus, the packaging is beautiful. And since Kesha Rose Beauty is being made by HipDot (makers of the SpongeBob SquarePants makeup palette that changed my life), the quality is going to be excellent per its retail price. The 12-pan FTW palette will retail for $36, and consider it the last word in experimental makeup.

Sadly, we only have swatches of the eye shadows, but as soon as get swatches of the liners and lip colors, we'll share them with you as well.

Kesha Rose Beauty's eyeliners are also equally gorgeous.

photo: Courtesy of the brand

Look at this packaging! These liquid eyeliner pens feature a felt tip and are dual-ended to save space in your makeup bag. One pen includes black and blue liners, the other includes orange and gold liner, and it costs $28 for a pack of two.

The lip kit is sure to be a hit.

photo: Courtesy of the brand

Who doesn't love a good lip kit? It comes with a gloss and cream lipstick, called That B*tch and Raising Hell Red, respectively. Perfect for decking out your lips after brushing your teeth with leftover whiskey in the morning.

We know you're so ready for this party, but there's no release date yet.

All we know is that Kesha Rose Beauty will be released soon. Very soon — as in, we should have an official release date by this week or next week. It will be available exclusively at HipDot's website, and you can sign up for stock email notification here.