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When Kim Kardashian announced she was launching her own makeup brand, fans just about lost their minds. And when KKW Beauty revealed that the first product created was a line of cream contour sticks? Forget it; millions of people were sold.

I mean, Kim Kardashian and her glam team *really* helped put contouring and highlighting on the map — if any celebrity beauty brand is going to come out with an awesome product, it'll be Kim. Right?

Wrong, according to some of YouTube's most prominent personalities. First, Jeffree Star showed the world how little product you actually GET in a Kardashian Kontour Kit — and now three other beauty vloggers are dragging the brand over what they say is a MAJOR problem.

The problem? According to reviews, these contour sticks BREAK like nobody's business.

kkw beauty review
photo: KKW Beauty

Yep. I said "break." The way my heart would break if I'd spent $48 on two double-ended crayons and a blending brush that looks like a sex toy.

Laura Lee was doing a KKW Beauty first impressions video and went to swatch the highlight crayon — and it snapped off right at the base.

"OH NO!" she shrieked. "Collateral damage for the review!"

Like a lot of other YouTubers, Laura was given all four shades of KKW's Contour Sticks for free at a blogger party to celebrate the launch. Can you imagine spending 50 dollars of human money on makeup, and having it break the very first time you use it? I'd be livid.

As she was highlighting and contouring her face, ANOTHER one of the twist-up sticks snapped. "These are just breaking off left and right," Laura said.

But she did figure out why the KKW Beauty contour sticks seem to break so often — and it's a pretty major design flaw. Because the formula is so creamy, the "bullets" themselves are pretty soft. And unless you keep the tip really short — so you don't wind it out all the way, or even very far out — as soon as you apply pressure, it snaps off at the base.

This means, according to Laura, that you're basically stuck "digging a little nugget" of contour or highlight stick into your skin. "Awkward."

Jackie Aina also broke the tip off her contour stick — but seemed to be able to fix it fairly quickly by popping the crayon back in the twist-up tube and being really careful.

"Oh God! I broke it off!" said Jackie. Luckily for her, this was the only makeup casualty.

Tati — who says she was the only vlogger NOT invited to Kim Kardashian's house for the launch party, was firm. "Do NOT apply pressure on this product with the bullet all the way exposed. You will break it off."

Tati says that this is because the base is "a lot smaller than the weight at the top," which she thinks is the reason why so many people are breaking them.

Here's a still from Laura Lee's video where you can clearly see the way the KKW contour stick "narrows" in at the base.

kkw beauty review
photo: Laura Lee / Instagram

All three of these vloggers said that, while they liked the blendability and shade range, the tiny amount of actual makeup that you get in these sticks was insane for the high price.

Kim hasn't responded to the kit kontroversy yet — and who knows if she ever will?

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Reports say she made $14 MILLION from this first contour kit drop alone — with sales like that, it's not like there's much reason to change anything. But I'm kinda hoping she does; we just wanna contour like you, Kim! Can we live?