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Kim Kardashian has definitely found her stride with her KKW Beauty makeup company! She began with contour products and has managed to stay uncannily on brand with each launch since. Her upcoming body makeup release just may be the most "Kim" thing to come out of KKW Beauty, as it shows one way that she's dealt with the psoriasis skin condition she's opened up about. 

Still, Kardashian aims to show people just how good her body makeup really is no matter what skin imperfections you may want to temporarily cover up. The beauty mogul just gave the most telling demo of the new product using none other than her grandma Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell and fans are SHOOK by the "before and after" photos.

Apparently, Kardashian's grandma MJ wanted to play with body makeup for the summer just like the rest of her granddaughter's fans.

"My grandma MJ asked me about my @kkwbeauty Body Makeup and wanted me to come over to help cover her veins," Kardashian shared on Twitter. "North & I went straight to her house & showed her exactly how to use it & I love how happy she is with the results! How amazing is this before and after on MJ?!" 

MJ looks beautiful either way, of course, but if she wanted makeup that would mask her veins — she definitely got it in the KKW Beauty Body Makeup. The before and after is pretty decent for what MJ wanted to achieve. 

But Kim Kardashian didn't stop with a before and after. She dropped a video on her fans to show them exactly how it's applied and what the transfer situation is really like. 

"Let’s talk about the transfer. I’ve been using body makeup for over a decade & in my experience you either get coverage that doesn’t transfer but it’s super dry and looks fake or it’s the opposite and really moisturizing but completely transfers. My new body makeup is in between," Kardashian divulged. 

Actually, I believe her selling points. 

The Kardashians may have a reputation for selling things with little regard for whether it works or not (ahem, Flat Tummy Tea), but I believe Kim truly does know a ton about makeup. 

Due to her years wearing makeup and being part of the wave that popularized contour and highlight, there's no need to overlook that Kardashian knows a thing or three about how makeup works for different needs. Add that to her very real experience with psoriasis and that's a whole lot of experience. I also 100% believe she's been wearing body makeup for 10 years. I'm sure it's a cool thing for her fans to hear about her beauty tips and tricks for addressing imperfections as opposed to being sold a dream about what really goes into achieving the Kardashian "look."

Kim Kardashian also provided detailed tips on how to minimize transfer with her body makeup.

This was a point of major skepticism for many beauty fans on social media when Kardashian first announced she'd launch body foundation. Wearing makeup on your arms and legs specifically can be really tricky when it comes to interacting with clothes, furniture, and other people. 

"If you let it dry before putting your clothes on it transfers way less & if you set it with a translucent powder it hardly transfers at all," Kardashian shared. "It was important to keep the skin looking flawless yet natural. We didn’t have translucent powder but tried pressed powder which worked too."

Also, kudos to Kardashian for not selling a 0% transfer dream. 

She's keeping it open and honest and that's really what beauty consumers need. This body foundation sounds like it's a decent option on days when you'll be wearing shorts, short-sleeve tops and/or tanks, swimsuits, or sleeveless dresses. It's also important to note that body makeup doesn't literally have to be used on your body from head-to-toe. You can use it to cover up a simple scar on your leg while you wait for it to fade, a mosquito bump on your arm that looks extra red, and more. Used in that way, the transfer isn't as big of an issue. 

Kardashian seems really proud of her new body makeup, and from the looks of her beloved grandma, she likely should be. 

"My body foundation really evens out and corrects your skin tone and conceals veins and bruises. My formula is super creamy, hydrating & long lasting! I can’t wait for you guys to try the entire Body Collection launching on Friday at 12 p.m. PST at #kkwbeauty." 

Per her last video with her grandma MJ, it looks like her body makeup is also easy to get off. Any product that has decent shade offerings and is easy to apply and to remove is practically a recipe for a good makeup investment.

So that's the word! Kim Kardashian's Body Makeup actually works, as reported by her Grandma MJ's arms.

Per the responses to her series of demos, fans are super digging the idea of her new body foundation. "It looks legit! I can’t wait to try it," one person tweeted

Another person complimented her on how she's presented the KKW Beauty Body Makeup overall. "I love that you're being so real about your products, showing us how it works, and answering our questions. Makes me believe in the products," the fan wrote to Kardashian.

Let's just hope everyone who desires to grab this product can find an appropriate shade match out of the seven colors offered. If you're sold on the KKW Beauty Body Makeup, then don't forget to mark those calendars. It drops on Friday, June 21, at 12 p.m. PST, which is 3 p.m. EST. If you're familiar with KKW Beauty launches, then you already know to hop online early and be fast with the click of that mouse to ensure you actually get a bottle of this stuff. 

Now who's ready for a summer of serving BAWDY with Kim Kardashian and her adorable granny?!