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YouTuber Charley Bp didn't love the contour shade on her forehead, but loved how it looked on her cheekbones and nose.

She was expecting the contour kit to be "way too dark," but the shade turned out to suit her perfectly.

"I don't really like stick products like that," she said while applying the brow highlighter. "But I quite like that actually. It's subtle."

A major flaw with the Primark Nudes Contour Kit is — unlike the KKW Beauty version — there is no shade variety. 

YouTubers with lighter skin feared the Nudes Contour Kit would be too dark, but it blended out decently. Unfortunately, that means the "deep" contour stick probably isn't deep enough for people with darker skin tones.

"I loved how easily it blended out," Dramatic said during her review. "What I would suggest is that they brought this contour shade out in an array of different shades that would match light to deep skin tones."

Primark may want to take her advice, since the contour and highlight kit promptly disappeared on Patricia Bright's face.

"That just blended into zero. Into the dust. Into the ether, "she said during her review of Primark's makeup dupes.

So while YouTubers loved the contour shade's creamy feel and how it blended in some cases, what ultimately holds Primark's dupe from competing with KKW Beauty is its lack of a shade range. 

photo: Giphy

Go figure! KKW Beauty has been called out for lacking deep enough shades in its contour kit collection, but Primark didn't even go beyond one color option. 

However, if you'd like to roll the dice and push your luck with the one contour kit, then the Nudes Contour Kit is available at Primark stores on the store's website.

Happy shopping!

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