Kim Kardashian doesn't waste any time! She's fresh off the scandal concerning her Kimono shapewear brand and her lawsuit victory against Missguided that earned her over $2 million. While everyone else caught their breath, Kardashian was busy whipping up what's quite literally her hottest makeup collection yet! 

Per Kardashian's direction, the KKW Beauty fans are leaning toward ultra-warm looks that totally scream summer. On Monday, she revealed the Sooo Fire Collection, which is all about serving red-hot looks! 

Prepare your hearts for all this fire that Kardashian will send blazing through your beauty bags!

Kardashian kinda-sorta teased her upcoming collection with this super-warm eye makeup look just one day prior.

Traditionally, Kardashian is known for her cool smoky eyes and neutral lips. That's the direction that the majority of her KKW Beauty products have leaned in since she launched the brand. Still, this red and orange eye makeup look popped up on the KKW Beauty Instagram on Sunday. It was done with her Flashing Lights Pressed Powders in the shades Big Bank and Freaky.

Oh, but honey, that was just a cute hint. Nothing could have prepared us for the super-fiery makeup collection to come.

Now behold the Sooo Fire Makeup Collection! 

"Introducing our new Sooo Fire Collection. The collection includes a fiery 10-Pan Eye Shadow Palette, three eyeliners and three glosses with a brand new formula. Launching on Friday, July 19 at 12 p.m. PST only at KKWBEAUTY.COM," the brand wrote. 

And there you have it! You'll have this red-hot collection by the weekend after next. Get those coins together, peeps!

Of course, fans couldn't resist dropping fire emojis in the KKW Beauty comments.

This collection is a bold new look for the KKW Beauty brand and for Kim Kardashian, in general. She's a nude lipstick girl who loves a smoky eye, and she only departs from that look sparingly. It's going to be pretty cool to watch her play with warmer eye makeup. We already know Mario Dedivanovic is going to have a good time with these new makeup shades.

Of course, people are already comparing the eye shadow palette with those previously released by other brands.

A horde of people tagged the independent beauty brand Coloured Raine, which has a palette that looks almost exactly like this. The brand actually responded with a lot of class by simply thanking everyone for the love shown to it as opposed to accusing Kardashian of copying it. Another person also saw an Urban Decay comparison: "Is this the Urban Decay Heat Palette?" the person asked.

Nevertheless, we expect KKW Beauty fans to be all over this makeup launch. The palette drops on July 19, so mark those calendars and prepare to fight your way to "cart" before this baby sells out.