Playing in makeup is a ton of fun when it's all about expressing yourself, learning a new technique, or working more self-care into your schedule. Wearing makeup — like everything else concerning our bodies — should be a personal choice, not a requirement. 

Unfortunately, the downside of the cosmetics industry and antiquated opinions across the entire world is that too many women and girls are pressured into wearing makeup to fit societal beauty standards whether or not they want to. More specifically, we're pressured to satisfy the male gaze instead of living to please ourselves.

Want to barf in your mouth a little? Flight attendants for Virgin Atlantic airlines just earned the freedom to go makeup-free on the job this month. They were previously required to wear "blush, mascara, and red lipstick at a minimum," according to the The New York Times.

If you can stand any more trash facts, then note this: Women who wear makeup during an interview are more likely to get a job offer, according to a 2017 study conducted by Proctor and Gamble. They are perceived as smarter and more competent. Additional research was also completed by psychologists from the Universities of Chicago and California, who discovered that women with makeup also tend to earn a higher income. 

The message being communicated is that women and girls are not acceptable, attractive, or worthy of attention and opportunities unless their complexions are perfect, their lips have a particular color, and their lashes are long enough to bat like a cartoon character's. 

As this trash messaging rages on, women all over the world are clapping back. Ladies in Korea, specifically, started a movement that rebels against the societal pressures they feel to achieve perfection every day. Unfortunately, as these women fight for their freedom of physical expression, there are still little girls being sold a totally different message about what it means to be beautiful and to own your image.