Kylie Jenner is turning 22 years old tomorrow. For her next turn around the sun, Jenner released a birthday collection dedicated to the dollars in her bank account — billions of them, in case you forgot. 

The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is dedicated to having money, spending money, and luxuriating in the fact that you've succeeded at capitalism, or something. But although Jenner backtracked on claims of being a "self-made" billionaire, some makeup fans think that she may have gotten a little extra help with her birthday collection — specifically, that her Birthday Body Glow looks a little too similar to Jeffree Star's Skin Frost highlighter.

Kylie's Body Glow is a new product for her 2019 Birthday Collection.

She unveiled the Body Glow, a large pan of yellow-gold highlighter meant for the face and body, "for gorgeous and glowing skin, multi-dimensional pearls add shine and give a warm, luminous sheen," according to the brand's Instagram. It comes in a round, pink package with a dollar sign embossed in the middle.

Now let's compare that with Jeffree Star's Skin Frost highlighter line.

Jeffree Star also has a line of highlighters in his namesake collection, and it also comes in... a round, pink package. His signature star logo is embossed into the middle of the product, and it comes in several different colors.

YouTuber Sanders Kennedy was the first to spot a similarity.

On his YouTube channel, Kennedy posited that Jenner's Body Glow was a little too close for comfort to Star's Skin Frost highlighters. He noted the similarity in packaging; both containers are round, even though Jenner has previously used square-shaped containers for her permanent Kylighter line.

He polled his followers to see how they felt, and many of them agreed.

"Do you think @KylieJenner is low key (but high key) shading @JeffreeStar by coming out with a 'Birthday Body Glow' that looks like 'JS Skin Frost'?" he wrote on Twitter. According to the poll, 56% of respondents said, YES, IT TOTALLY LOOKS THE SAME.

Jenner's Instagram blew up with comments from Star's stans following the YouTuber's posts.

The Star fans came out in full force. On Kylie Cosmetics' images and videos of the Birthday Body Glow, commenters charged that the product looks way too similar to Stars' and let their feelings be known. 

"Lol stole skin frost packaging," wrote Instagram user @taylorjones2015. Another user, @sam.jaydene, wrote, "weird my skin frost has the same packaging." Ouch!

Twitter users also made their feelings known.

Fans on both sides of the beauty brouhaha shared their thoughts and jokes about the alleged copied packaging.

Omg jeffree is gonna get so rich off of this one

— Blair Ryder (@BlairRyderx) August 8, 2019

I mean do you really expect anything less from her? She's pretty much built her entire brand off of plagiarism, and copying. Remember the campaigns. The Instagram. how many times has she done this now? She's too lazy to think and try to come up with her own ideas she has to steal

— The Siminary (@TheSiminary) August 8, 2019

Is it me or does Kylie jenners bday highlighter look too much like jeffree stars skin frost? ????

— Molliee (@molliee_harding) August 6, 2019

Star has yet to respond to the allegations.

As for Star himself, he has not yet responded to his fans' allegations of copied packaging, though we'll certainly keep you updated if he does. Meanwhile, Jenner and Star are still on the outs after he slammed her skin-care collection. 

Happy birthday, Kylie!