I know we've been over this like 3 million times by now, but bear with me, because there are new developments in the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. As you know, earlier this year, Woods became the center of the world's attention after she was accused of cheating with Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend and baby daddy, Thompson.

Though Woods maintain they shared only one "passionless" peck, that hasn't prevented her from becoming one of the most sought-after and highly covered figures in the country due to all this hullabaloo. Since news of the scandal broke, Woods has reportedly received countless lucrative business offers from companies who want to collaborate with her to capitalize on this very buzzy moment she's having.

This comes at the expense of her friendship with long-term best friend Kylie Jenner, though. Woods, who was living with Jenner in her guest home, was quickly thrown out following the news break — the pair have reportedly made up and broken up several times after the fact, to the point that no one's quite sure where they stand now.

One major thing fans took as a sign of a definite friend split was the fact that shortly after the family caught wind of Woods' behavior with Thompson, Kylie Cosmetics suspiciously began discounting products that belonged to Wood's collaborative collection with the brand. Naturally, just about everyone took this as a direct dig at Woods — it did, after all, appear that the brand was trying to clear stock of anything with Woods' name and image on it.

But Jenner has finally broken her silence on the situation and says that is not at all the case. Get all the details straight from her in the video below.