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And it wasn't just the testers. The actual products for purchase weren't much better. 

This lipstick set packaging was all stained, bent, and beat up — yet Halsey was still charged full price according to her Youtube review

Five out of the six KoKo Collections lipsticks in this photo are open — but are still for sale, according to Halsey.


YouTuber Rich Lux decided to visit the Kylie Cosmetics pop-up at Topshop's Houston location — and found a similarly destroyed situation.

Feeling queasy yet?

There aren't just makeup stains in these cases. Lipstick sampling applicators have been left inside of them, and two testers are completely open.

And just look at how disorganized the display is in general.

Products that are supposed to be for sale are in the tester boxes. Lip Kits are falling all over the place.

My brain hurts just looking at this display.

Rich also reported that the Kylie Cosmetics ornament glosses were missing tops and stained by makeup.

Topshop and Kylie Jenner have some explaining to do, according to Rich. Is this the result of Kylie Jenner's younger fan base being unsupervised and messy in the store? Are Topshop employees not keeping up the displays? What's the deal?

"You would think that since Kylie Jenner is a billion dollar makeup company, that she could at least hire a Kylie representative to maybe work a couple hours a day during peak hours," Rich Lux shared in his review

"Or why couldn't they just give an incentive to managers to make sure it's priority so the experience matches the Kylie brand?"

I visited the Kylie Cosmetics pop-up on opening day and everything was wonderfully laid out — so I had to take another trip to see what's *really* going on a few weeks later. 

The top image is of the pop-up shop on opening day — which was an entire section of the store dedicated to Kylie Cosmetics, complete with signs and a vast amount of products. 

The bottom is what the "pop-up shop" is today — a single stand.

Kylie Cosmetics is technically supposed to leave Topshop on Wednesday, December 20 — but it looks like the "pop-up up" shop part of the experience ended a while ago, at least in the New York location.

Sorry if you missed out on the original Kylie room!

As for the product display, I did find some unacceptable messiness going on. 

kylie pop up shop
photo: Revelist/Marquaysa Battle

Only one lip kit color was left: Grape Soda ($27, Kylie Cosmetics). There were 18 of them and every one had makeup stains on the front, back, or both. 

Not OK. The Grape Soda tester looked fine though.

The Kyliner tester was a whole other (cakey) story. 

kylie pop up shops
photo: Revelist/Marquaysa Battle

I *did* ask a Topshop employee if the all Kylie Cosmetics products were still being sold full price, and she confirmed they are.

When I informed her about how dirty the product packaging was, she suggested I ask the manager — who makes the ultimate decision.

Basically, if you don't say anything, Topshop is totally willing to sell you a dirty Kylie Cosmetics lip kit at full price. How luxury.

Honestly, this doesn't seem like Kylie Jenner's fault. I'm looking at you, Topshop — and, of course, at the makeup-stained hands of customers.

photo: Giphy

Though Kylie Jenner's name is certainly on these pop-ups, Topshop is likely responsible for the daily upkeep of the products being sold, not her. And customers should DEFINITELY not mess up so much stock — especially when it's all limited edition.

These Kylie Cosmetics pop-ups had the potential to be a really fun experience for fans of the usually online-only brand. It's a shame it seems to have turned out this way — with destroyed products, demolished packaging, and unfortunate conditions.