Kylie Jenner has made a ton of money on her Kylie Cosmetics brand, and with every new product launch, her brand seems to grow.

But despite all the cash her brand rakes in, there are a *few* areas that Kylie Cosmetics hasn't gotten quite right for its customers.

Check out 11 times Kylie Cosmetics was problematic AF in 2017.


Kylie Cosmetics has a return policy that's disrespectful to every single one of its customers. 

If you receive a broken, contaminated, or incorrect package? Sorry, babe. Kylie Cosmetics does "not accept returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final."

This is especially annoying now that she sells concealer. Since she's an online-only brand, her fans can't even swatch or sample the shades to be sure they order the correct match. 

Ordering from Kylie Cosmetics is a really inconvenient gamble. May the odds be in your favor!


The brand's packages have been shipped with everything from ants, to opened lipstick tubes, to fingerprints mashed into her eyeshadows.

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Of course, this makes her nonexistent return policy even more questionable.


She released a blush called "Barely Legal" — which seemed inappropriate given her relationship history.

People side-eyed the hell out of the Barely Legal shade name since Kylie Jenner was involved in a relationship with rapper, Tyga, which allegedly started when Jenner was...well, barely legal.

The shade name seemed to make light of inappropriate relationships between adults and teenagers. Not cute, Kylie.


The brand was sued for stealing its lip drip art featured in a television trailer from artist Sara Pope.

On the right is Pope's original piece and on the left is the artwork shown in a trailer for Life of Kylie on E! Issa dupe!

According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner's team maintained that she was not part of creating the design. 

Kylie Cosmetics eventually settled out of court with Sara Pope. This was the second time Kylie Cosmetics was sued for stealing lip art from other lesser-known artists.

This brand is only two years old. 


Kylie Cosmetics sold $360 brush sets that are out of the price range of A LOT of her followers. 

The backlash was so harsh that Kylie Jenner had to hop on Twitter to defend her brushes to her fans, who still weren't having it. 

She *did* hint at a cheaper brush set made with synthetic bristles possibly coming in the future.


Kylie Cosmetics allegedly used animal fur to make her "real brushes."

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Her "real brushes" statement about the Silver Series on Twitter was meant to be her defense of the high price point, but oh did it backfire!

Her fans and other makeup brands immediately ripped her apart for using animals to create her makeup products in the age of bomb synthetic brushes and animal rights activism. 



In December 2017, the brand was sued for excluding blind people on its website. 

A customer named Antoinette Suchenko who has been blind for over 20 years filed a lawsuit against Kyle Cosmetics for not making its products available to blind people who cannot read the screen to purchase her online only products. 

"In the suit she says Kylie's cosmetics site isn't compatible [with the software]. As a result, she's having a hard time bagging any of Kylie's uber-popular makeup products," TMZ reports.


Kylie Cosmetics released two nude lipstick sets and both of them excluded dark-skinned people of color.

Darker people need nude lipsticks too, Kylie.

Kylie Cosmetics released its inclusive concealer collection of 30 shades only after diversity became a hot topic in beauty — despite deeper-toned people asking the industry to be included for years.

Kudos to Kylie for catering to all skin tones, but people are encouraging her to not just care about diversity because it's trendy. Care about diversity because darker people matter too. 

Fans are concerned about the intentions behind her expansive shade range when she's got such a history of not only excluding darker people, but also disrespecting Black people altogether.


Kylie Cosmetics' Kylighters line arrived BROKEN.

kylie cosmetics
photo: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

When Jenner released her drippy Kylighters, fans were so excited — until many of them arrived broken. And because of that no-returns return policy, many Kylizzle fans were stuck with busted highlighters.

kkw kylie cosmetics
photo: Kylie Cosmetics

The world flipped out over the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collab — but didn't notice that the lids to all the lip kits had been packaged in the wrong color, something that Kim called out on the show.