Ready to rack up more Ulta points thanks to Kylie Jenner? Her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics launched at Ulta several months ago. Now the brand has complexion products available at Ulta, and they might be the brand's most in-demand beauty picks yet! 

The brand recently announced that its concealers and setting powders will be available for purchase at Ulta stores, and today is the lucky launch day. If you've already been snagging Kylie Cosmetics makeup from Ulta left and right, then make room in your beauty stash. 

Kylie Cosmetics made the big announcement on Twitter.

"We are SO excited to announce that Kylie Skin Concealers (all 30 shades) and setting powders will be coming to all @ultabeauty stores on July 28!!! Mark your calendars!" the brand shared. This means that Kylie Cosmetics concealers and setting powders will be available for in-store swatching and purchasing for the first time EVER. The announcement also means that you have a little under two weeks to wait!

This Kylie Cosmetics release at Ulta is one of the smartest moves yet for Jenner's brand.

One of the biggest concerns about Kylie Cosmetics releasing complexion products was that people were unable to swatch them until after they purchased them online. That makes the process of finding your perfect shade match extra hard when it doesn't have to be. "That’s good when it comes down to foundation & concealer, I [would] rather to see it in person," one fan wrote to Kylie Cosmetics. The process of buying, returning, and reordering when you have the wrong match is just way too inconvenient. The online-only factor also made Kylie Cosmetics less competitive in the beauty market since so many other beauty brands have their complexion products readily available in physical stores.

However, some critics still aren't feeling Kylie Cosmetics' shade range for concealers.

"Yikes.... the second I saw this image, I’m already picturing the bad shade range comments. Like, what were you thinking Kylie?" one person wrote. Another person shared, "This shade range is an actual joke???? It looks like the actual Kardashians (and other white ppl with tans) couldn’t even make this work, let alone actual people of color," another critic shared. One person believes that the concealer shade range is missing an entire medium shade. 

But the Kylie Cosmetics concealer shade range may be a victim of terrible lighting in this case. 

Brands really have to do better with the lighting they use for photos when it comes to complexion products because it truly matters so much. This is a photo of the concealer shade range, which is available on the Kylie Cosmetics website. Per this swatch photo, there are four fair shades and then five shades for the light, medium, tan, deep, and deep dark categories. This isn't a case of 50 shades of beige this time around.

But there's still a problem with the Kylie Cosmetics concealers in the deep dark category. I called this out in a review when Jenner first launched the line.

All five of the deep dark concealers have red undertones. This was called out by several beauty YouTubers, but the Kylie Cosmetic website itself also reveals this. The problem is that people with deep dark complexions can have all kinds of undertones, from blue to golden to red to neutral. Why is it that the other complexion categories have different undertones, but the deep dark section undertones are all the same? That demonstrates a severe lack of care for making sure that people with darker complexions actually have a match. 

Jackie Aina also pointed out that the concealer undertone labels on the Kylie Cosmetics website are also inconsistent.

Jackie Aina swatched the Kylie Cosmetics concealer shade Sassafras, which is labeled on the website as a "muted peach for peach undertones." She felt that the swatch seemed to have more of a pink undertone. "I do think [Kylie Cosmetics was] shooting for golden undertones but this is a little bit more on the peachier rosy side," she said after actually trying it on her face. "The description is a little off." 

Translation: Kylie Cosmetics has only one undertone for deep dark shades and the undertones for the other concealers meant for deeper skin tones are just flat-out wrong.


If you actually can find an accurately labeled Kylie Cosmetics concealer that works for your skin tone, then sohp your favorite shades here.

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Don't forget that the concealer hits physical Ulta stores on July 28. You officially have 11 days before you can actually get to swatch Kylie Cosmetics concealers and setting powders in real life for the first time ever. If Kylie Cosmetics concealers float your boat, then float on over to Ulta and make yourself merry. 

I'll be at Sephora on the Fenty aisle, per usual.