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Kylie says she's been wearing this eye palette exclusively for the last five to six months.

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So in all those selfies and snaps, this is the shadow responsible for her smoky eyes.

"This formula is very long wearing, and they blend so effortlessly," says King Kylizzle in the official launch video. But I have my doubts!

This was Kylie's snap tutorial on how she does her eye makeup, posted about a week ago. If she's using her Kyshadows, I gotta say... those DO NOT look effortlessly blendable to me.

The colors look bold, but the finish looks... kinda... streaky?

I'm willing to chalk this up to bad Snapchat quality and Kylie not having her eueal makeup brushes, until I try the shadows for myself.

Because in the hands of an artist (here MUA and Kardashian/Jenner bestie Ariel Tejada), the palette SLAYS.

The seven-minute smoky eye tutorial can be found on Kylie's site right now. It's definitely a pretty look, even though I CANNOT with using lip liners on eyes when they aren't tested as eye safe! Guys! Get it together!

We don't know how much the Bronze Kyshadow palette will cost yet — I'm gonna guess between $50 and $60 — but we DO know that it's launching TOMORROW.

I'm also going to continue my career of ~WILD KYLIE SPECULATION~ and say that I bet she's going to come out with a line of makeup brushes soon. Maybe not next — I think there'll be more lip glosses next — but SOON. Because what good is eye shadow without the signature Kylie brushes with which to apply them?

Are you excited for this eye shadow palette? What shade range do you hope that Kylie will bring us next?

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

I'm hoping for neons, but alas, I fear that will never happen. Anyway. Let me know in the comments, or over on Facebook!