It's happening: Kylie Jenner, Our Lady of Snapchat, is launching a brand new makeup product tomorrow, bright and early on April 1. And according to the official video release, it's going to be... lip glosses.

The video — which is basically the cut-rate SFW version of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" — shows Kylie sitting in an expensive car, applying lip gloss, while her friends rob and potentially murder several men.

I mean, who among us has not done this?

Although Kylie is known for her matte lip looks, her choice to expand into glosses does make sense. We've lived through the '90s fashion and beauty resurgence, and now we're heading into the early 2000s. That's right: think frosty shadow, French manicures, shiny pants, and super-glossy lips. Even this video is like golden era Britney Spears meets Quentin Tarantino on Ambien.

photo: Kylie Cosmetics

So once again, Kylizzle is in the right stylistic place at the right time.

I have no additional information about this launch or the glosses, except that I find this video both really unsettling and totally on-brand. Kylie lounges passively in a car like she's been heavily sedated, looking objectively beautiful, and applying more makeup. Unlike the other girls in the video, she doesn't talk; she just drives, texts, and looks pretty. This is meant to be her show — Kylie Cosmetics is her brand — yet she seems less like a girl gang mastermind and more like a half-awake Barbie doll.

photo: Kylie Cosmetics

Anyway. Tomorrow is the BIG PRODUCT REVEAL, so I'll update you as more details on names and shades become available. One thing's for sure: if these glosses sell the way her matte lip colors have, Kylie's going to be doing this as she drives off into the sunset:


photo: Kylie Cosmetics