Kylie Jenner did NOT come to play with us this holiday season! She blessed the world with Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shops at seven different Topshops in the country — and I braved the cold and the crowds to get to the New York City location. 

Since I'm not a huge Kylie fanatic, I was expecting it to be a really exhausting trip with very little payoff for me in the end — but I was pleasantly surprised.

The line to get into the TopShop was a tad long — but no longer than checkout lines at a super busy Zara.

I arrived at 9:15 am — totally prepared for pure mayhem and to walk at least two blocks beyond the actual storefront, but I joined a line just on the other side of the store. By 10 am, there were only about 20 more people behind me.

As we waited, a Top Shop employee came with bad news *and* good news. The good news: CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!

The bad news? Only ten people would be let in to shop at a time. I was about 40 people back, so... bummer. 

Nevertheless, CAKE! 'Twas a little ball of sprinkled vanilla joy that temporarily made me forget about the wind chill and the 10-person limit. If there's any good way to get me to stick it out in a long line, it's definitely cake. 

And in my opinion, this cake came straight from Kylie Jenner and I had Kylie cake. Idc. Idc. 

I ate the cake in 10 secs, then waited for another hour and a half. But once I was in? HEY KYLIE GIRL!!!

As soon as I entered Topshop, young Jenner was right there serving face and welcoming me in! 

Kylie Cosmetics was tucked away in its own little corner of Topshop.

And literally every single Kylie Cosmetics product was right there in the flesh.

Lip kits? Check! Kyliner? Yup! 

Even her latest palettes was perched and pretty on the shelves.

The new Purple Palette ($42, Kylie Cosmetics) and Burgundy Palette ($42, Kylie Cosmetics) looked pretty pigmented in person. 

Kylie Jenner's famous sisters also (kinda) showed up to the party! The ENTIRE Koko Collection was available for purchase in all its golden packaged glory.

And surprise! KKW Kylie lip kits also came to say hello.

Of course, the coolest part of the pop-up shop was the Topshop exclusives. Sure, we knew about these lip kits...

But who was anticipating this amazing ass VAULT!?

Tbh, the salesperson wasn't too sure how much this baby costs — but it was in the $100+ range and includes 10 matte lipsticks, two eye pencils, four single Kyshadows, and a pressed powder Kyshadow. 

And that wasn't all. Here's another *exclusive* Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag bundle full of goodies.

You won't find this beauty sold *anywhere* online. The Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag bundle ($150, Topshop) comes with a lip kit, mini matte lipsticks, gloss, lip pencils, and more! 

But no product in the entire pop-up shop stole my heart quite like the Kylighters.

Highlighters are on my list of makeup things to *never* buy online — no matter who has swatched and worn it on the 'gram or Youtube.

I have been eyeing the Kylighter ($22, Kylie Cosmetics) online for awhile, but wasn't sure how well it blended on deep skin tones.

So you know I whipped the hands out and swatched my little heart away.

There was *some* ash going on. Stay away from Banana Split if you're a chocolate person, please and thanks.

But I quickly fell in love with the Chocolate Cherry Kylighter swatch.

Overall my shopping excursion was pretty fun and I've finally got some Kylie Cosmetics at my desk to try.

And the best part was that there was zero stress, no crazed fans pushing and shoving, and pretty fun and accommodating Topshop employees. I was able to shop around on chill mode just like I would in, say, a Sephora.

Kylie Jenner, looks like you got a good one with this Topshop deal, babe.

photo: Giphy

Kylie Cosmetics is available at Topshop through December 20, so if you're trying to see those exclusives and get your swatch on in person — do it it soon. 

Happy shopping!