Kylie Jenner is celebrating her 22nd birthday the only way she knows how — with a Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection. And this year's is going to bring in the dough, literally. 

The theme for this year's collection is stacks on stacks, and absolutely no one is surprised. The young billionaire had to stand up for her "self-made" status this year when she graced the cover of Forbes. The money-, I mean, makeup-mogul is proving her worth in the form of a collection that is so extra that it will have everyone feeling like a billionaire, too. 

From wallet-busting vacations to an almost entirely designer closet to a vast array of luxurious vehicles, Jenner didn't need to show off her wealth anymore, but, of course, she did. 

Jenner's birthday collections are always over-the-top, and this year is no different. 

Dropping on her actual birthday, August 10, the theme for the collection is money. Obviously the youngest sorta self-made billionaire has stacks of cash, so she decided on an entire makeup launch dedicated to the green stuff. But it's also going to an undisclosed good cause. 

The Kylie Cosmetics founder revealed in her Instagram story that "all I wanted for my birthday was to do this money collection and give it all away. So, stay tuned for more details. I have a special person helping me with this, and it's gonna be amazing, we're gonna do amazing things." 

The packaging is a money lover's dream.

Jenner's recognizable face and body are plastered all over the design of the packaging, naturally. She's also created faux $22 bills that are included with the set. Brand-new colors and varieties of lipsticks, eye shadows, and more are in the line, plus two entirely new products are included. 

There's an eye shadow palette with tons of royal shades fit for a money-making queen.

This palette is filled to the brim with royal hues from rich purples to bright golds and greens. The palette includes shadows named On a Budget (lol, right), Stacks, and Build Your Empire to represent the moolah. And it wouldn't be a birthday collection without shout-outs to the birthday girl herself, like Birthday Queen, Twenty Two, and 22 Candles.

It wouldn't be a Kylie Cosmetics collection without a bomb lip combo, and this one has a '90s feel. 

Mauve lip liner with a pink velvet liquid lipstick on top is somewhat of a '90s throwback. Jenner recently revealed a short bob haircut reminiscent of the era, so maybe she has something else nostalgic up her sleeve. Along with the combo named Kylie, she is including a high gloss in a pink shade with gold shimmery undertones called One in a Billion. 

The collection also includes three new lipsticks that are sold as a set nestled in a stack of the faux $22 bills or separately. 

The three lipsticks are each a different shade of pink. Hustle Honey is the coral-toned middle swatch, Money Mindset is the pale pink color on the bottom, and Mama Boss"is a hot pink stand-out shade situated on the top. The three shades are dubbed the "perfect trio" by its creator. 

The collection includes her first-ever primer and a liquid eyeliner.

Jenner claims that her first face primer will create the perfect base for any makeup look. She also revealed that she is dropping a black liquid eyeliner with a brush tip. Jenner shared that she created the liquid eyeliner based on her preference of liner and swatched a perfect black swoosh on the back of her hand. 

There are also two hyper-pigmented, shimmery eye glazes. 

These super-sparkly eye glazes come in a rich gold tone and a greenish gold to represent the money, duh. Dime Piece is the rich orangey gold color, while Money Ain't Everything has green undertones. All of the packaging has money symbols all throughout. When the box opens, the inside is all decked out in the green stuff. 

There are also three thick jelly highlighters — a little goes a long way with these.

Three pink-toned highlighters and two gold tones come along with the collection. Jenner swatched these super-pigmented almost-liquid highlighters and said that she uses only a tiny dab to get the perfect result. So they'll last a long time. 

Pink Paper is the blush-toned highlighter. Family Is Gold and 22 Carats are almost indistinguishable, but the former is a more orangey gold whereas the latter has beige undertones. 

Body glow powder and an illuminating face powder are also in the collection. 

Jenner must have taken a page right out of her sister Kim Kardashian's book, because she included some body glow powder. The shimmer provides a not-so-subtle glow, and the illuminating powder makes your face positively shine. Of course, a big dollar sign is stamped into the center to remind you who made this collection — the youngest "self-made" billionaire.