Kylie Jenner has collaborated with multiple members of her family in the cosmetics and fashion world. Each of her sisters has embarked on a project with her, and now her nearly 2-year-old daughter will collaborate with her as well. 

Last year, in a segment for Ellen, Jenner shared that Stormi was her dream collaborative partner. Just ahead of Stormi's second birthday, that dream is becoming a reality. Kylie Cosmetics and Jenner announced, with an adorable photo of a working Stormi, that her daughter would have her own Kylie Cosmetics collection. 

Fans are already speculating the colors and aesthetics of the collection, with many thinking butterflies will play a role, considering the symbolic meaning they hold for the mommy-daughter duo. 

Jenner shared an adorable image of her daughter sifting through makeup swatches. 

Stormi looks ready to work hard for the upcoming makeup collection for Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner teased, "Coming soon" in her caption with a purple heart emoji and a butterfly. It already looks like butterflies and pastels are all part of the vibe. 

Jenner has said before that she would love for her daughter to become involved in the makeup industry whenever she's ready.

In a segment on the Ellen show shared by one Twitter user, Jenner revealed that Stormi is her dream celeb collaborator. It looks like that dream is coming true, because the collection is in the works. But she also made it clear that she'd only include Stormi in the family business when she was ready and wanted to participate. 

Even though she's only 2, Stormi clearly has a love for cosmetics, just like her mama. 

Jenner shared a hilarious video of Stormi messily applying a Kylie lip kit. Clearly this tot is already loving her mom's business and is ready to test out her own creativity. "Happy!" the adorable kiddo says in the video. Jenner's makeup artist Ariel Tejada commented, "I cant omggg ... she's for sure [your] daughter lol ... can't wait for her first Glam sesh lol."

Kylie Cosmetics officially announced that the Stormi collaboration was coming soon.

"First collaboration of 2020 coming soon," wrote the cosmetics company's Twitter account. People went crazy with the cute picture of Stormi and started theorizing about what would be included in the set. From the photo, it's clear that butterflies are involved in a few palettes. 

A few fans think that the collection will be based around butterflies. 

Even before Stormi was born, Jenner was referencing butterflies with regards to her baby girl. The meaningful symbol has always been a part of their lives, and the two even dressed up as butterflies for Stormi's first Halloween. One fan replied, "omg the butterfly aesthetic is everything !"

There's no official release date set for the collection, but I am guessing it'll come out on the toddler's second birthday, February 1.