Lady Gaga's new makeup brand Haus Laboratories has officially launched. Now all of the available products can be purchased individually, and she debuted an entirely new line of eyeliner products. 

In true Gaga fashion, the eye makeup is anything but ordinary. Her eye shadow products radiate with glitter and shine. Beauty lovers can line their eyes with an intricate mask perfect for Halloween. 

For those of us who falter when it comes to crafting a sharp and impeccable wing, Mother Monster has created stickers that are super easy to apply. 

All of Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories products are available to purchase individually, plus she's revealed entirely new eyeliner products. 

Before Lady Gaga's official launch, all of her makeup was only available as collections, but not anymore. Now all of the reasonably priced liquid eye shadows and lip glosses are up for grabs all on their own. Gaga shared an Instagram photo with her brand-new reusable sticker mask and a vibrant look to celebrate the launch. "Tonight we celebrate the official launch of @hauslabs #BATTLEFORYOURLIFE," she wrote. 

Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner, $20

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Lady Gaga was glowing at her launch party for Haus Laboratories, and you bet she had a flawless cat eye. One of her latest products is a sharp, felt-tip liquid eyeliner for fans to copy her signature style. The color, Punk, is matte black and waterproof. 

Eye Armor Kit, $35

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For those just beginning, or wanting to test out their artistry, Lady Gaga also dropped cat-eye stickers to help craft that perfect wing. In some of Haus Laboratories' promotional images, though, Gaga is featured with the wing stickers underneath her eyes for a bold look. These stickers match the Punk liquid eyeliner pen and are reusable. 

Armor Masque No. 1, $25

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For a completely avant-garde look, Lady Gaga has supplied the ultimate adhesive. This intricate mask is hopefully only the first of many to drop in her collection. The black shimmery sticker is also reusable and long-lasting.