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photo: Disney / Wikipedia Creative Commons

If you love your bed and never met a beauty routine you couldn't shave 10 minutes off of, congratulations — you're a fellow lazy girl.

Lazy girls know that there's nothing better than makeup products that serve multiple purposes. Why use eight products in the morning when one will do the same thing?

In the interest of saving you time so you can snooze later, here are 11 of the best multitasking makeup products that EVERY lazy girl needs.

Bite Beauty Multisticks ($24)

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If you love to hit the snooze button, you NEED Bite Beauty's Multisticks ($24, Sephora). Available in 20 glorious shades, each of these matte batons of wonder is a blush, eye shadow, and lipstick all in one. My favorite color is Cashew (a rosy taupe with warm undertones), especially in summer, but every single one is pigmented, blendable, and applies in seconds.

Wet N Wild Kohl Pencil ($1)

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Available almost everywhere, and at the cheapest possible price, Wet N Wild's kohl ($1, Amazon) is the multitasking dream product EVERY lazy beauty lover has been looking for. For one thing, it's available in a range of brown shades — so every skin tone will find one. For another, it smudges and blends beautifully, but once applied, you bet it stays. Grab a brown pencil and use it as eyeliner, brow pencil, faux freckles, light bronzer, contour... the sky is the limit.

Aveda Mosscara ($20)

aveda mosscara
photo: Aveda / Instagram

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Aveda's mosscara ($20, Aveda) is not just amazing at lengthening and darkening your lashes — though it DOES take your eyes from "just woken up" to "BOOM" in one swipe. Mosscara also has a sneaky second use as the easiest, best ever brow tint. I usually apply a coat to my lashes, then swipe what's left on the wand through each brow — but you can also wipe the excess product off on a tissue before combing it through. Plus, it comes in black and a true medium brown.

RMS Living Luminizer ($38)

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We all know that highlighter is life — and that's why the RMS cult classic Living Luminizer ($38, Sephora) is the most important element in a lazy girl's morning routine. Not only is it insanely fast and easy to apply along cheekbones for a radiant glow, you can also use it on your eyelids for shimmer, and as a hydrating, shimmering lip balm.

ADVANCED TIP: Around the holidays, RMS sometimes makes a gold version of this luminizer. Get it.

Lemonhead Space Paste ($22) and Space Jam ($32)

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Listen, nobody said lazy girls don't also want to sparkle. On those days when you need to deflect attention from the fact you maybe sorta overslept, I recommend Lemonhead's vegan line of Space Jam ($32, Lemonhead LA) and Space Paste ($22, Lemonhead LA) glitter gels. Apply a little to your eyelids, to your lips, to your collarbones, or to your hair and get ready to SHINE SHINE SHINE.

ADVANCED TIP: I'm not saying Margot Robbie is lazy, obvs, but with glitter eyes like this... nobody would know even if she WAS.

Glossier Boy Brow ($16)

glossier boy brow
photo: Glossier

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More than just an Instagram-famous eyebrow gel, Boy Brow ($16, Glossier) does double duty as light weight eyelash tint, too. You know, for those days where you want that "I woke up with naturally dark lashes" look. And if you're feeling really advanced, the clear Boy Brow is also amazing at smoothing down any flyaway hairs. Because honestly, some days that's all we have the energy to do.

L'Oreal Infallible Lip 2 Step ($10)

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This two-step lipstick from L'Oreal ($10, Target) is THE BEST for lazy girls who also need to dress to impress. Swipe on the liquid lipstick, and you get rich, bold color that lasts all day. Then apply the clear, satiny top coat to seal it in, add shine, and banish dryness from your lips for 12 full hours.

BUT WHY STOP THERE? The clear top coat — which feels like a particularly hydrating balm, not a gloss — also makes a truly amazing highlight. It looks like natural, I woke up like this glow... and it reflects light like the freaking sun. Truly superb.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Translucent Powder, $6

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Translucent powder is LIFE — and this e.l.f. powder ($6, Target) is the perfect multitasking powerhouse. Use it to mattify shine on your face, set under-eye concealer, tone down eye shadow or blush that's too bright, and even as dry shampoo when the greasy hair life gets too real.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks ($25)

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Rihanna knows what lazy girls want from their makeup — that's why she blessed us with these Shimmer Sticks (Sephora, $25). Use them on eyelids, cheeks, collarbones, lips, your broken heart... literally anywhere you need a touch of sparkly radiance, these glimmery Skinsticks are here to make you glow.

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation ($35)

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It's not often that a foundation goes above and beyond, but Kat Von D's Lock-It liquid foundation ($35, Sephora) does just that. Mix a teeny bit with moisturizer to create a sheer tinted moisturizer, add it to a too-bright lipstick to tone it down, or brush it onto blemishes and redness as concealer. It's so full-coverage, Kat can do it all.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($17)

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Black Honey ($17, Sephora) is THE cult classic lipstick — but that's not all it does. This sheer lipstick can be used on your cheeks as a blush, on your eyelids as a burgundy tint (clean it if it's touched your mouth first, though), and to deepen and add shine to a too-bright lip color. It's a lazy girl's dream... and the muted red-brown is so amazingly '90s.