Lime Crime just released a slew of cream lipsticks, and the brand clearly wants to cater to our never-ending obsession with nude shades. There's just something so sleek and effortless about a lip color in a perfect nude. Whether we're going for one with a pink tint to it or an exact match to our skin tone, nude lipstick is a must-have for any makeup bag. 

Anytime you want a 10-minute makeup routine that will get you out the door quickly yet have you looking fully beat and glam, the nude lipstick is an easy selection. Lime Crime seems to get how important a proper nude lipstick is for everyone and that we can never own too many in our stashes. 

The brand just quietly rolled out a huge collection of nude lipsticks called Lip Blaze. 

"We got nudes on deck," the brand shared on Instagram. "We just dropped our NEW Lip Blaze Cream Liquid Lipstick! 12 new shades ranging in [a] uniquely universal range of hues to represent the entire nude-icorn rainbow!" 

Yes for brands that don't use a fair skin tone as the singular reference for "nude" shades!

The Lip Blaze collection is actually cannabis-infused. 

That's right! Another cannabis makeup product has hit the market. The Lip Blaze collection comes "in a NEW buttery, high-drating formula infused with top-shelf cannabis sativa seed oil," according to Lime Crime. Naturally, this collection dropped on 4/20. Hehe.

And Lime Crime couldn't resist the 4/20 pun fun.

"Just a little dab on 4/20," the brand wrote on Instagram. "Tag a friend you'll be getting HIGH-drated with." 

Hey, as long as the lipstick actually does what it promises, we don't have any problems. May the Lip Blaze formula blaze our lips the way they deserve to be blazed!

Peep all 12 lipstick swatches.

The shades in the Lip Blaze collection are Ivy (mauve brown) Bud (medium terracotta brown), Fern (medium warm brown), Clover (rose nude), Moss (deep brown), Cash (light nude), Herb (terracotta nude), Apple (caramel nude), Olive (chocolate brown), Cali (mauve nude), Rosemary (light warm), and Jade (pale pink nude).

If you're curious about how the shades look on actual lips, then here you go. 

There are certainly enough nudes to help you get your exact match. You can also go for the deeper hues or lighter hues with a liner if you so desire. Lime Crime clearly has gotten the memo: Makeup isn't one size fits all. People of all skin tones need options

Loving this Lip Blaze shade? 

This shade is Cash (light nude). It's slightly darker than the model's actual skin tone and matches beautifully with her contour shade. The lipstick also really does look extra hydrating. Hmm...I'm wondering how many swipes it requires to get that full coverage? 

Anybody else love a deep brown lip? 

This is the Herb shade (terracotta nude). It's a beautiful hue to wear, whether you match it with your deep cocoa skin tone or use it to serve up a darker brown on fair skin. Once again, the lip color also brings out this model's contour shade, which makes her look even more snatched. 

Check out how one of the Lip Blaze colors looks on a model with deeper skin.

Come through melanin! Come through nude lipstick! Come through Lime Crime! This shade is Apple, which is a sweet caramel nude. Also, note how the lipsticks have a sheen to them that looks hydrating without taking on the look of a lip gloss. 

Lime Crime also promises that the Lip Blaze formula will not fade.

"Take a dab of Lip Blaze and wrap lips with a creamy layer of moisture," the brand wrote on Instagram. "Apply it over your fave Velvetines Lip Liner for color that is never faded. You won't be able to pass up this dope combo - it's a hit!"

Fans are OBSESSED.

"I thought this was a 420 joke but it’s for real and I’ve never been more excited," one fan wrote. Yes, ma'am! This isn't April Fools' nonsense. The Lip Blaze collection is real and available to grab on the Lime Crime website right now. 

One person really appreciated that Lime Crime didn't go with a matte lipstick collection. 

"The shades remind [me] of the NYX Lingerie Lipsticks but those are matte. I love these shades," the fan shared. "Def want a few of the lighter shades, I don’t like creamy dark shades only in a matte."

Hmm... It does seem that brands are always dropping lipsticks with a matte finish. 

Some people have already snatched up their favorite shades.

"I ordered [three] yesterday. They look amazing!! I ordered Herb, Rosemary, and Clover," the fan shared in the Lime Crime Instagram comments. 

If you want to try the Lip Blaze cream lipsticks, then here's how to get a discount on your first order.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Lime Crime page to find the sign-up box for the email list. All you have to do is give the brand your email and you'll receive 15% off of your first order. You could also sign up for the email list, get the discount code, then remove yourself from the list whenever you feel like it.

Who's ready to give your lips the creamy nude treatment via Lime Crime?

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A "nude" shade means different things for different skin tones. Thankfully, more brands are catering to beauty lovers with deeper complexions. Lime Crime, it looks like you hit a high note with this one. Hehehehehehe. Get it? High note?!