For years, Lime Crime has treated its fans to vibrant colors, popping glitters, and other shiny, pretty things. Now the brand is venturing into new territory with its latest reveal. 

Lime Crime teased a beauty product it has never created before, and it's all about playful, fun colors. After dropping a collection of rainbow neon lipstick shades and glitter lip glosses, our cheeks are next up on the brand's hit list. 

If you adore all of the bold and playful pigments you already own from Lime Crime, then prepare your heart for the collection of blush singles that Lime Crime is about to drop into beauty bags everywhere. It's a rainbow of pastels and neon shades that are perfect for the upcoming festival season.

Lime Crime dropped its first product hint on Sunday. 

"LOADING… pixel-perfect dimension coming soon," the brand captioned an Instagram post. The graphic clearly revealed a slew of shade names including Hotspot, Virtual Orchid, Dark Web, and Java. The vague teaser pretty much stopped right there. No other words were included, nor were swatches; there wasn't even a hint of color besides the Barbie pink background! 

Next, Lime Crime treated its fans to an image of a swatched arm along with the specific product it would be releasing.

"Coming real soon! Software Blush. Download Color + Upload Shine," the Instagram caption read. In the graphic, some of the shade names popped up with a pointer that directed to its correlating blush shade. The arm clearly displays a nice variety of pinks, corals, and oranges. 

Are we even ready to slay the world with Lime Crime blush?

The Software Blush collection will come in super-sick packaging, which is practically Lime Crime's calling card.

Each blush will come in its own gorgeous compact. Keeping up with its computer theme, the packaging features a colorful pixelated background with flowers on top. If you're the type to be swayed by packaging, then I'm sure this pretty compact is already on your must-have list. It's a lovely 2019 take on the1990s of Barbie and Lisa Frank.

And this isn't a regular blush collection. It's a cool blush collection with the most unexpected shades.

Undoubtedly, the most surprising shade in the lineup is the lime green. This is a very unique color to wear as a blush, but just imagine the fun spring looks beauty fans can make with it. The shade screams "festival season makeup," although I do suspect it will not show up as well on dark skin. 

Behold the official Software Blush swatches!

The collection will include 18 blushes with a cream-to-powder formula. Twelve shades will have a soft matte finish, while six will have a sheer glow finish. Per Trend Mood, the blushes also have a "light orchid scent," so keep that in mind if your skin is sensitive to fragrance. You may want to patch-test IRL when the blushes land at Riley Rose or Ulta.

Kudos to Lime Crime for creating such a diverse collection of blushes!

Although the lime green may not be the most flattering for dark skin, there are still so many shades for people of all skin tones to choose from. The shade range is super inclusive, which a lot of brands fail to execute with blush collections. The trending practice is for brands to create inclusive foundation ranges and leave it at that, but all makeup needs to be inclusive.

It's really cool to see that Lime Crime went above and beyond to include various blushes for dark skin in the mix.

photo: Oxygen

The collection ranges from super-light pastels to really deep shades and includes a great selection of cool and warm pigments. The brand also didn't only go deep with its pink blushes. There are also at least three deeper orange hues (Digital Peach, Wifi, and Firewall) so that darker makeup lovers can also play with that shade. Yes for inclusive beauty!

Now about that release date. You'll need to move very quickly.

photo: NBC

The Software Blush collection drops online on Tuesday, March 12. Yes, people. This means you have mere moments until you can drop your favorite blushes into a cart and get them shipped to your living quarters. 

There is no word on whether or not the blushes will land at your local Riley Rose or Ulta. You can still count on an in-store release happening because die-hard Lime Crime fans have already been on the case since the official announcement.

The Software Blush collection has already been spotted in a few store displays. 

Lime Crime may be working hard, but its fans (and, ahem, maybe some beauty retailer employees) definitely work harder. This photo does not reveal whether or not this display is in Riley Rose or Ulta or elsewhere — but this is certainly a store display. 

If you look closely, you can see the blush photos in the front where the samples will be and the white trays where the actual products will be stacked right behind it. The Software Blush collection may be available in stores not long after March 12.

Also, Lime Crime already did something really sweet for a few of you. 

If you were one of the smart fans who signed up for Lime Crime email updates, then your Lime Crime shopping fun has already arrived a day early! Yes, you read that right. The brand granted early access to everyone who signed up for updates on this new release. Head to the Lime Crime website to see if you've got an extra couple of hours to shop the new Software Blush Collection.

One more surprise, Lime Crime lovers: Your new blushes are bringing a friend!

Note the pretty metallic blue makeup brush with the white and pink bristles in the corner. Lime Crime created the Stylus Blush Brush to accompany the new blush compacts! This brush is meant to "sculpt, soften, and highlight." Per the Lime Crime website, you'll get the brush for free if you purchase two blush compacts. 

Happy shopping!